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National Honey Bee Day 2022

National Honey Bee Day

National Honey Bee Day 2022 is on Saturday, 20st August 2022. The United States (USA) celebrates every third Saturday of August as National Honey Bee Awareness Day.  On this day, the role of honey bees in pollination and the importance of their products as honey and honey wax is recognized. …

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World Bee Day 2022

World Bee Day

When is World Bee Day 2022 World Bee Day 2022 is on Friday, 20th May 2022. Bee Day celebrations raise awareness about the threats to pollinators like bees by human activities. In December 2017, the United Nations ( UN) approved this day and the First World Bee Day was celebrated on …

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World Radio Day 2022

World Radio Day

World Radio Day 2022 (WRD 2022) celebrations are on Sunday, 13 February 2022 to commemorate the importance of radio in the lives of people. On the occasion of this special day, Radio stations will celebrate the 11th anniversary of this event, both in their newsroom and on the airwaves on …

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National Parents’ Day 2022

Global Parents Day celebrations

National Parents’ Day 2022 in the USA is approaching on 24 July 2022. Every year, people in the United States of America (USA) celebrate the fourth Sunday of  July as National Parents’ Day. Parents are the first builders of our lives and their sacrifices can never be undermined. On parents’ …

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Parents Day in India 2022

global parents day

Parents Day in India in 2022 is on Sunday, 24 July 2022. Every year fourth Sunday of July in India is celebrated as Parents Day. Parents Day Celebrations and Activities in India Parents Day is an excellent opportunity to spend time with our parents. This Day reminds us of the …

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Global Day of Parents 2022, When is Parents’ Day

Parent's Day

Global Day of Parents 2022 is on Wednesday, 1st June 2022 to honor parents across the world. Global Parents Day provides an opportunity to appreciate and encourage all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifices towards nurturing this relationship. The …

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International Nelson Mandela Day 2022

International Nelson Mandela Day

International Nelson Mandela Day 2022 is on Monday, 18th July 2022. This Day is celebrated on 18th July each year in honour of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s former President. The United Nations officially declared Mandela Day in November 2009 and the first UN Mandela Day was held on 18 July …

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Father’s Day in Pakistan 2022

father's day in pakistan

When is Father’s Day 2022 in Pakistan? Father’s Day 2022 in Pakistan is on Sunday, 19 June 2022. Father’s Day in Pakistan is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. This Day is not a public holiday in Pakistan. Happy Father’s Day is similar in celebrations with Family …

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International Day of Education 2022

International Day of Education

International Day of Education 2022 is on Monday, 24 January 2022, making it a dynamic versatility of United Nations to make sure about the rights of every individual which one carries with oneself but does not acknowledge or claim it. The Celebrations of International Day of Education include the role …

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World Poetry Day 2022

World Poetry Day 2022 celebrations are on  Monday, 21 March 2022. Unesco Proposed every 21st March as World Poetry Day since 1999. Purpose of the World Poetry Day The purpose or theme of world poetry day is to recall the role of poetry in the survival of ancient languages, in …

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