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Global Parents Day Theme

global parents day theme

Global Parents Day Theme

United Nations observe Global Parents day on 1st June every year with a specific theme,

“Appreciate All Parents Throughout The World”

This is the current Theme of Global Parents Day.
The theme of this year’s world parents day stresses upon the appreciation of all parents because of their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship. This theme glorifies the efforts that our parents put for the success and well beings of their children. Such kind of selfless efforts and devoted affection brings nothing but only a lasting happiness to the parents. The efforts and commitment that the children put in are impossible without the blessed assistance and light of guidance of their parents. The seriousness and dedication of our parents do not let us down in the way towards achieving our targets and founding our destiny. The biggest reward for children is their own achievement and success which makes parents proud and they never feel a grain of tiresome and boredom, on the other hand, A sense of pride prevails that keeps the children moving forward and forward. Even the most helpless and miserable parents never let their dear children down and keep shedding their own sweat, blood and tears for keeping the kin of their children alive and unharmed.

Importance of Global Day of Parents theme during the pandemic  COVID-19  

There is no doubt in it that respecting our parents is our religious, moral and social obligation however, our responsibility as children increases during this pandemic COVID-19. Since staying at home and keeping social distancing is an utmost and inevitable option for all of us, most of the effect which can reach to our family is usually towards our parents. Our little care precaution can stop us from transmitting this virus to our parents who may have low immunity. Our responsible and affectionate behavior cannot let them feel isolated and lonely in the house even if they come across this disease. Whenever an annoyance that may instigate our minds, arises we must immediately remind their sacrifices and should soothe them without creating any trouble for ourselves as it may ultimately hurt them. Therefore this theme in the context of COVID-19 reminds us to stay alongside our parents every time when we need them or they need us so that we may fulfil the sweetness and fragrance of our lifelong relationship with our parents.

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