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International Day of Cooperatives 2022

international day of cooperatives

Day and Date

International Day of Cooperatives 2022 (Coops Day) is on Saturday, 2nd July 2022. At the global level, we annually observe the first Saturday of July as International Day of Cooperatives (Coops Day). The United Nations have decided that every year first Saturday of July will be designated as Global Coops Day.

Theme of the International Day of Cooperatives 2022

“Cooperatives Build a Better World“ is the theme of International Cooperatives Day (#CoopsDay) 2022. The basic aim of the cooperatives is to help, support and uplift the members through easing business but the Post- COVID world has troubled their entire setup. This theme extends solemn solidarity to this sector and urges to promote greater unity among its members. Cooperatives around the world will show how they are facing the COVID-19 pandemic with unity and determinism. It also brings about the idea of offering communities a social and environmental recovery. A cooperative circle runs through mutual self-help. This theme thus prompts to help each other in this rehabilitation process for communities’ business and public health.

Why is International Day of Cooperatives celebrated?

Purpose of Coops Day

The 12th Sustainable Development Goal of the UN aims, “Responsible Consumption and Production”. The cooperatives ease the interaction between producer and consumer. Hence one purpose of observance of International Cooperatives Day is to publicize this sustainable goal of the United Nations. Producer cooperatives organize a balanced and responsible consumption cycle for the community and ultimately reinforce the UN’s objective.
Another purpose of observance of coops day is to figure out and meet the needs at the grass-root level. Multiple countries in the world don’t have financially stable governments that could provide all the sectors with equal and adequate facilities. The cooperatives not only strengthen the domestic production culture but also help in uplifting the business of the underprivileged. A worldwide observance of cooperatives Day is, therefore, purposeful to encourage the contribution of cooperatives in the business sector and provision of services to the community.

History of International Day of Cooperatives

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) was formed on or around the 3rd of July in 1895 and since 1927 ICA has observed the first Saturday of July as International Day of Co-operatives. In December 1994, United Nations General Assembly also passed a resolution to follow the pattern of ICA and declared that from 1995, the first Saturday of July will be observed as International Day of Cooperatives. The UN has also acknowledged and admired the efforts of the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC) for the nomination of this day’s observance at the global level.

About Cooperatives

international cooperatives day

What is an international cooperative?

  1. Definition of Cooperative Cooperative is an alliance or association of different people who are united voluntarily to fulfil their basic economic, social, and cultural needs through a joint business. The business of cooperatives is service-oriented where all the members are owners who equally benefit from the services.
  2. Examples of Cooperatives Most common examples of the services that are provided by the Cooperatives include Finance, Utility, Insurance, Housing, and Healthcare. In some parts of the world, cooperatives are also providing electricity facilities in the rural areas where they are called Rural Electric Cooperatives. Brazil is the country that has the most number of cooperatives.

Types of Cooperatives (Business)

Based upon the services they provide, there are various types of cooperative business:
Worker Cooperatives. Members of this cooperative type are both employees of the business and owner of the cooperative. An organized mutual setup provides new ideas for businesses and entrepreneurs. Examples are bakeries, retail stores, software development groups, and aquaculture.

  1. Retail Cooperatives. They are mostly found in low local communities where they allow the customers to produce their own retail price e.g. hardware, food, agriculture products, and even movie theatres.
  2. Producer Cooperatives. They are organized to manage the market and producers distribute their own products and thus help lessen the price. Examples are lumber, agricultural products and crafts etc.
    Service Cooperatives. They help to fill the need of the community for example healthcare and funeral services.
  3. Housing Cooperatives. They provide with an incorporated business formed by people who wish to provide and jointly own their housing. Examples are condominiums, rentals, single-family homes, market rates, and limited equity.
  4. Co-operative Flag Two types of flags are often seen and associated with cooperatives i.e. Rainbow Flag and Chain Flag. The rainbow flag is the international emblem or symbol of cooperatives that was adopted by the ICA in 1925. Similarly, the Chain flag that represents the word “COOP” is the official flag of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

International Cooperatives Day Celebrations and Activities.

  1. Celebrate this day by Showing solidarity with the cooperatives through the hoisting of cooperative flags at the local and national levels.
  2. Be a cooperative family and Spread awareness about the bad impacts of COVID-19 on the cooperative’s business and the services that have been affected due to the pandemic.
  3. Celebrate the Coops day and appreciate healthcare cooperatives for their efforts during COVID-19
  4. Use social media trends on International Cooperatives Day and promote the crafts of producer cooperatives.
  5. Arrange a feast for cooperative families and discuss the new ideas that may rebuild and rehabilitate the business sector that collapsed due to Covid-19.

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