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International Day of Human Fraternity 2024

International Day of Human Fraternity 2024

Human Fraternity day 2023

International Day of Human Fraternity is on Saturday 4 February 2024. The U.N. declared the day in 2020 to promote fraternity and religious and cultural tolerance in society.

2024 Theme

This is the time in which the world needs more love and tolerance than ever before” is this year’s theme. It is absolutely right that today the people of the world are scattered and on the verge of destruction, and they have to fight their own battle because of divisions. They are not united and do not support each other. If they are united, together they can even win any battle.


Day Year
4 February
4 February
4 February
4 February
4 February


Origin and History of the Human Fraternity day

The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the day on 21st December 2020 through the resolution 75/200  to promote unity and tolerance of different beliefs and races and cultures among people. People celebrated the day for the very first time on 4 February 2021.

Why do we celebrate the day? / Purpose of the day

People who really acknowledge the value and power of unity, celebrate the day to promote its aim. The day aims to accept the diversity of cultures and tolerance for achieving international cooperation to solve international problems and foster peaceful coexistence among people belonging to all civilizations and faiths.

What is the actual meaning of Human Fraternity?

It is believed that God has created everyone and all of his creatures with equal mercy. Then why are we all not equal? We all are equal, and believers of this concept are asked to express human fraternity by securing each other’s rights and supporting the diversity of all persons, particularly the poor, disabled, and the most in need.

How to celebrate the day? / Activities of the day

Respect others

It is a universal rule, give respect to take respect! So, Respect others’ traditions and religions to induce a stronger atmosphere of understanding in your society. Improvement at your local level would gradually turn into improvement at the global level.

Practice tolerance

If you want any positive change in the world, you have to first adopt this change to yourself. Learn it, practice it, and come up with it to spread this positivity and to make others adopt and practice it too. So, be tolerant, listen and accept diversity to spread peace.

Spread the love for humanity!

It’s time to spread more love around you to make the world a better place to live! love humanity as the creature of God and care for them.

Accept diversity

Just think that how diversity has maintained the beauty of the world. If there would be everything alike. How boring this looks, like what would attract us? So, think about it and accept the diversity around you.

Find similarities

Take this day as an opportunity to read and increase your knowledge about different cultures and find similarities to discuss with them and improve understanding.

Attend a seminar

On this day the UNs sponsors different types of events. Like live-streaming events and educational seminars. Go and attend them to know you are not alone to celebrate the day.

Watch movies on acceptance

This day is to raise awareness and understanding. So, start at your home and family. Watch movies with your family to do it so.

Teach tolerance

Teach your kids the lesson of tolerance and acceptance in their learning ages to make them adopt and practice it their whole life. If you are a teacher, school is the best platform to teach a number of kids at once.

Raise awareness

Talk to people around you about the importance of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. It’s time to educate and discuss the day and encourage all to fulfill the aim of the day together.

Share posts on social media

Promote the day by sharing and posting relevant material on social media. Share quotes to make people inspire and emphasize the significance of human fraternity.

Why is the day important? / significance of the day

Need/Demand of time

This day is very important because its topic is very powerful and there is a great need to practice it. this day emphasizes that there is a necessity to adopt the rules of fraternity to spread prosperity.

Focuses on our similarities

This day is a key source to finding our similarities and the things we have in common and embracing diversity and multicultural beings.

Gives a weapon of love to fight the battle against hate

This day emphasizes us the importance of fraternity, tolerance, and acceptance and gives us the weapon of love to fight against the battle of hate.

Unite us in all circumstances

The day persuades us to think about ways to unite us all and help each other in all situations and find solutions for the problems we all have in common (International


Messages & Wishes of the day

All human beings on earth deserve to live in a happy and peaceful environment. Let us join to generate this peaceful atmosphere. “Happy International Day of Human Fraternity.”

Nothing is more important and precious than peace and we have to work together to attain this precious thing. “Warm wishes on Human Fraternity Day.”

Differences can be fixed with understanding; we can bring a fascinating change.

The world really needs plus in peacetime and minus in chaos!

Warm greetings on this event, We must join hands together to bring back the lost peace of this world.


When is international peace day?

International peace day is celebrated annually on the 21st of September.

What is fraternity in civics?

Fraternity refers to the sense of brotherhood and unity that binds people with a mutual root. In simple words, fraternity is the mutual friendship between a group of people.

Who is the founder of the fraternity?

John Health founded the fraternity very first time in 1776.

Who gave the concept of the fraternity?

Ambedkar gave this concept.

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