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National Cheese Lovers Day 2024 (U.S)

National Cheese Lovers Day 2024 (U.S)


National Cheese Lover day

National Cheese Lovers Day is on Friday, January 20th, 2024. This day’s annual celebration allows cheese lovers to explore and taste different amazing cheese flavors.

How was the day evolved?

It’s strange that the day’s origin, history, and founder are unknown. There is no exact year mentioned in which the day was established.

Dates of National Cheese Lovers Day J

2026 Monday, January 20th
2025 Sunday, January 20th
2024 Saturday, January 20th
2023 Friday, January 20th
2022 Thursday, January 20th


Why is the day celebrated?

People celebrate the day to discover cheese and experience its taste by using it in different recipes. There are millions of cheese lovers worldwide, and they anxiously wait a whole year to celebrate it. This day brings a bundle of pleasures with an opportunity to try different dishes (made with cheese) and enjoy its fantastic taste.

Traditions for the Day

  • Special discounts on Restaurants

On cheese lovers’ day, some restaurants offer special discounts on cheesy dishes for cheese lovers to wish them uniquely.

  • Hosting wine and cheese night

wine and cheese night party

It’s generally considered a tradition and a fun factor to invite your family and friends at night to have a wine and cheese dinner.

Activities of the Day/ How to make the day special?

  • Try another flavor of the cheese

If you have tried cheddar cheese many times, try another cheese flavor, like cream cheese or mozzarella cheese, to discover and compare these flavors with your favorite one.

  • Have a cheese party

Invite your friends to have a cheesy get-together. Serve them cheese biscuits and cheese with olives and wine.

  • Try different recipes

This day is all about discovering and enjoying new recipes made with cheese. So, incorporate different cheeses to try other recipes to have fun and celebrate the day.

  • Bake something cheesy

Another fantastic thing is that we can also bake cheese dishes. No doubt, baking enhances the flavor and deliciousness of cheese. So, bake it out to experience it.

  • Watch and share videos and varieties of cheese

If you are lazy and don’t want to get up, watch videos about cheese recipes to awaken your taste buds. If you are a cheese lover, only watching videos will water your mouth and makes you feel energetic to try and taste something cheesy.

  • Ferment cheese at home

It’s really surprising that you can even ferment cheese at your home. You can make Paneer (Indian cheese) and Ricotta easily at home. However, the needed ingredients are milk, vinegar or lemon, cheesecloth, and a big container. Here we have a recipe to make cheese at home.

  • Share your recipe with people

If you have a unique and yummy recipe for any cheese dish. Then you must share it with people through social media.

  • Share pictures of cheese dishes

Feel free to share pictures of your tried cheesy dishes on social media with the wishes of the day in the caption.

  • Gift cheese to your loved ones

Gifting cheese to someone you adore on Cheese Lovers Day is the most loving way to realize that they are special to you.

Mouthwatering cheese pairings

You can pair cheese with your favorite fruit as well as dry fruits like figs. In addition to different sauces like mustard, hummus also tastes good with cheese. Furthermore, ground beef, olives, and fresh vegetables (corn, cucumbers, garlic, and potatoes) are another best option to pair and serve cheese deliciously.

What cheesy dishes can you try on National Cheese Lover’s Day?

You can try various cheesy dishes such as cheesy macaroni, eggless cheesecake, velvety grilled cheese soup, corn cheese balls, easy-bake cheddar biscuits, spinach-bacon macaroni and cheese, party cheese plate, beer-cheese dip, crustless bacon, and cheese quiche. Furthermore, cheesy pizza is mostly a loved dish that you can bake.

Incredible facts that you should know about cheese

  • Americans eat thirty-one pounds of cheese annually.
  • French consumes fifty pounds of cheese per year.
  • It is said that cheese was accidentally made first time in Poland approximately 4000 years ago.
  • One pound of cheese takes ten pounds of milk.
  • Cheese is high in calcium and protein and contains a good amount of B12 and vitamin A.
  • When we eat cheese, the reward center of our brain releases dopamine, which encourages us to eat more.
  • It’s true about cheese caves.
  • There are about 2000 variations of cheese.
  • France, Italy, and Switzerland supply some of the world’s best cheese.
  • It’s an amazing thing for persons with lactose intolerance that they can eat cheese.
  • In 1964 the world’s giant cheese, with 34,000 pounds, was displayed at World’s Fair in New York.
  • Marconi and cheese is the most famous recipe in the U.S.
  • Queen Victoria was given a giant wheel of cheddar cheese as a wedding gift.

Messages and Wishes of the Day

  • “It does not matter, what’s your age, you are not ever old enough to not relish the taste of cheese. Wishing you a very Happy Cheese Lovers Day!”
  • “Cheese love is the most beautiful love as it goes beyond the conditions and is filled with yummy taste.”
  • “A little bite of cheese can fill our mouths with flavor and soul with pleasure.”
  • “Nothing is as nutritious and delicious as a piece of cheese.”
  • “A smile after biting the cheese is really precious and brings real happiness.”
  • “I wish a Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! May you relish the taste of most delicious cheeses today.”


Which temperature is suitable for cheese?

Room temperature is suitable to keep cheese more flavorful.

What is an official word for cheese lover/ or a person who loves cheese?

Turophile is used for a person obsessed with cheese.

Why is the cheese called cheese?

Cheese word is a derivative of caseus (Latin word), meaning to become sour or ferment.

What is the shelf life of cheese?

The fridge can store most soft cheese for 7 days, while most hard cheese can be safely stored for three to four weeks.

Eating expired cheese is safe?

No, it’s really not. Eating expired cheese is a bad idea as it can cause food poisoning.

Is there a king of cheeses?

Yes! Reggiano and Parmigiano are the kings of cheeses.

Some Cheeses Varieties, Everyone Should Know About






Soft or Hard Cheese


Cheddar cheese






Mozzarella cheese


















Blue cheese











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