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National Kazoo Day 2023

National Kazoo Day 2023 (U.S)


National Kazoo Day is on Saturday, January 28, 2023. In 1983, Chaplin Willard Rahn established the day to enjoy the listening and playing of kazoo for people of all ages.

History of the day

The day was founded by Joyful Noise Kazoo Band’s member (Chaplin Willard Rahn) in 1983. It recognizes about 200 years of kazoo music in the U.S.

Why do we celebrate the day? / Purpose of the day

January 28 is intended to encourage and celebrate all ways we can play or listen to kazoo. This day made the mouth organ the source of happiness for people of every age. We celebrate National Kazoo Day by listening to and playing the kazoo. This day is a perfect opportunity for music lovers of all ages and skill levels to pick up a mouth organ and make some music.

Annual Dates of the Day J

Year Day


2023 Saturday 28 January
2024 Sunday 28 January
2025 Tuesday 28 January
2026 Wednesday 28 January
2027 Thursday 28 January


How to celebrate the day? / Activities of the day

  • Learn to play the Mouth Organ

Take the day as an opportunity to learn how to play the mouth organ. harmonica needs little effort to play intelligible music. It’s fun to play it.

  • Make your own musical instrument 

You can even make your own kazoo using plastic or cardboard tubes, scissors, and wax paper. It will become ready quickly, without too much effort and expense.

  • Play your favorite song on Mouth Organ

You can play your favorite music on the kazoo to enjoy the day. Or invite your friends to listen and enjoy your kazoo.

  • Teach your friends to play the kazoo

The day is all about promoting kazoo’s music. You can teach your friend or anybody else to play musical instrument to promote the day.

  • Share videos of playing musical instrument on social media

If you know about playing mouth organ, you can record your video and share it on social media to encourage others to do so.

  • Share steps of playing musical instrument  on social media

Share easy steps of playing kazoo on social media platforms to make others try it.

  • Have a harmonica karaoke night

Let’s arrange a friend group with a microphone, musical instrument, party lights, and a stage to have an exciting and memorable night.

  • Gift a kazoo

Gifting kazoo to kids or dear ones is another amazing way to make others happy and celebrate the day.

  • Participate in a kazoo band or festival

You can participate in a harmonica event. There are numerous active Kazoo Ensembles, Orchestras, and Festivals being held around the country, offering a fantastic opportunity for passionate mouth organ fans to come together, celebrate the instrument, and collaborate musically.

Why do we love the day? / Reasons to love the day

  • Kazoo is a simple instrument as well as easy to play. These features attract everyone to play and enjoy it.
  • This day gives us a feel of a good musician and an opportunity to teach others and spread this talent. Alternatively, if we are not experts, this day encourages us to learn and enjoy its fun.
  • We love this day because the mouth organ is one of the first musical instruments. So, playing mouth organ memorize the historical music.
  • mouth organ can be played, listened to, and enjoyed by people of any age.
  • Despite the kazoo’s humble origins, it has played an important role in music throughout history. It is a popular instrument in folk music and has been featured in countless songs and recordings by famous musicians worldwide.

Amazing facts about National harmonica Day

  • The kazoos museum opened in 2010, in Beaufort, South California, in U.S.
  • Kazoos can be made from toys.
  • Kazoos are made up of wood, plastic, and metal.
  • In 1921, Jazz Band or Dixieland Band used the kazoos professionally first time in the song Crazy Blues.
  • The earliest mouth organ were made up of spider egg casings and cow’s horns and were used by traditional African tribes.
  • Kazoo is also a wind instrument.
  • The amazing thing about mouth organ is that anyone who can hum can play the musical instrument .
  • Kazoo whiz Rick/a family entertainer, turned 3000 audiences into a massive kazoo band.
  • mouth organ is for humming, not for blowing.

Quotes of the day

  • “She felt herself the best musician standing before a crowded auditorium and holding a kazoo.” – (James S. A. Corey)
  • “Give me a musical instrument , and I will write a good song for you.” ~ (Billy Corgan)
  • “It’s me, with an old mouth organ with some sparklers.” – (Bette Davis)
  • “What is the internet? Actually, it is a worldwide network exchanging data so that any computer, anywhere, can make a noise like a duck choking on a mouth organ.” – (Dave Barry)
  • “The musical instrument with chocolate-chip cookies has a lot in common. All you need is a mouth to appreciate both.” – (Wally Amos)


What is a kazoo?

It is an American melodic instrument that produces music by humming or signing a person into its mouthpiece.

Who invented the kazoo?

Kazoo’s inventor was “Alabama Vest of Macon, Georgia“. He invented the kazoo in the 1840s with his companion Thaddeus Von Clegg.

What stuff are required to make a kazoo?

Kazoos can be made from metal, plastic, wood, and cardboard.

Are kazoos expensive?

No! And Kazoos are available at low prices; even more expensive mouth organ are available at less than 10 dollars.

How many kazoos are sold yearly?

Nearly 8 million kazoos are sold annually by only one company.

What is a really good thing about kazoo?

mouth organ make us realize that something so simple can bring a lot of happiness in our dull life.

What was the first name of the kazoo?

The first formal name of the kazoo was “Clegghorn.”

From where can I buy a kazoo?

Music stores and online retailers offer a variety of kazoos in different colours and designs, making them interesting and fun instruments to purchase.

What was the origin of the mouth organ?

Invented in the early 19th century in Africa, the kazoo‘s origins remain mysterious. Originally crafted from gourds and animal skins, today‘s kazoos are primarily made from plastic and metal.

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