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World Teacher’s Day 2020

Teacher's Day 2020

World Teachers’ Day 2020 is on Monday, 5 October 2020.

Teacher’s Day is a global observance. It is not a public holiday. The celebration date of world teacher’s day may vary according to the country. For instance, the United States celebrates this day on Tuesday during the first full week of May, while the United Kingdom observes it on October 5.

More than 100 countries commemorate World Teachers’ Day and each country holds its own celebrations.

Importance of The Teacher’s Day

On World Teacher’s Day, the services of teachers and their contributions to education are acknowledged and their role and importance for the development of students and society are appreciated.

Teacher’s Day is an occasion which pays a tribute to the teachers and tends to resolve some of the issues regarding their profession and hence tries to attract the brightest young minds towards this profession.

Various organizations like UNESCO, Education International (EI), UNICEF, UNDP, the International Labor Organization (ILO), etc. organize campaigns and conferences to achieve this goal. UNESCO allocates a Theme for this Day every year and campaigns focus on this theme.

The UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize of the amount the US $300,000 for Outstanding Teachers are awarded every two years at World Teacher’s Day. (Details of this prize are given below)

Teacher’s Day Theme

Theme of  World Teachers’ Day 2020  is “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. This theme was presented by Unesco (United Nations) for the current year 2020.

Teachers Day Themes for the previous years

Teachers’ Day Theme 2019

In 2019, World Teachers’ Day celebrated teachers with the theme,
“Young Teachers: The future of the Profession.”
The day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession and to resolve some of the issues for attracting and keeping the brightest young minds in the profession.

Teachers Day Theme 2018

For 2018, the UNESCO adopted the theme:
“The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher.”

Teacher’s Day Theme 2017

“Empowering Teachers” is the theme for 2017.

UNESCO World Teacher’s Day celebrations

This year the official events of World Teacher’s Day will take place online. World Teachers’ Day Opening Ceremony and UNESCO-Hamdan Prize Awards Ceremony on 5 October, and the Closing Ceremony on 12 October, there will be a series of national, regional and global events throughout the week

The UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize

The UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Teachers was created in 2008.
The Prize is generously supported by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates.
The prize amounts to the US $300,000, which is equally divided between the three winners. The winners are selected by an International Jury.
The Prize will be awarded for the sixth time at a ceremony of World Teachers’ Day at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 5 October 2020.
The deadline for submitting applications for the 2019-2020 Prize was 15, February 2020. Applications were to be emailed to [email protected](link sends e-mail) with the mention in the subject “UNESCO-Hamdan Prize application”.
To submit an application, please download the guide, the application form, and the nomination form.

Download the Statutes of UNESCO-Hamdan Prize.

Activities of Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day celebrations in school

  • On Teachers’ Day students perform different activities at schools and colleges to pay gratitude and to amuse their teachers like a recitation of poems, mimicry of pedagogical skills of their teachers, singing, teachers, and children play games together.
  • Students offer gifts to teachers. Students can give a hand-written card or flower to their teacher.
  • On this day the relationship between teacher and student may be enjoyed by meeting them or messaging them to make their day memorable.
  • Teachers are respected and honored on the eve of the teacher’s day. Awards should be given to meritorious teachers.

Teacher's Day

10 Facts of Teacher’s Day

  1. Teacher’s Day is a global observance. It is not a public holiday.
  2. UNESCO allocates a Theme for this Day every year.
  3. More than 100 countries commemorate World Teachers’ Day and each country holds its own celebrations.
  4. First World Teachers’ Day was held on 5 October 1994, on the occasion of the anniversary of 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.
  5. This Recommendation narrates the rights, responsibilities, standards, recruitment, and teaching and learning conditions of the teachers.
  6. In 1997, during the 29th session of UNESCO, Recommendation to cover teaching and research personnel in higher education was adopted
  7. UNESCO has made the supply of well-trained and qualified teachers as one of its top priorities.
  8. According to UNESCO, A trained teacher is one who has the prescribed qualification and has received at least the minimum organized pedagogical teacher training, required for teaching at the relevant level in a given country.
  9. World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to promote the teaching profession.
  10. In 2002, Canada honored the World Teacher’s Day by issuing a postage stamp.

Background and History of World Teacher’s Day

On 5, October 1966 UNESCO/ILO organized an inter-governmental conference in Paris, France, to elaborate the status of teachers and at the end of the conference representatives of UNESCO and ILO signed the Recommendation of this Conference. For the first time, this Recommendation narrated the rights, responsibilities of teachers and various aspects of the teaching profession across the world.
On 5 October 1994, UNESCO created the first World Teacher’s Day to focus attention on the participation and development of teachers, and to highlight teachers’ issues and priorities regarding education. The date of October 5 was selected to internationally celebrate teacher’s day because it was the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation. In adopting this recommendation, governments realized the importance of qualified, competent and motivated teachers.
On November 11, 1997, during the 29th session of UNESCO, a Recommendation to cover teaching and research personnel in higher education was adopted

Teacher’s Day Speech

Teacher’s Day Essay

Teachers are an icon of knowledge. They are one of the most influential forces for quality education and development.
They are a source of awareness and enlightenment. They nourish their students by their wisdom.  They teach the real skills of a successful life to children. Their es-cheats help us to discover the precise path across life.
Despite the true pillars of a successful nation, they are not awarded by the warm gratitude which they deserve, their status and working conditions remain preoccupying.
This Day is a golden opportunity to accolade them for their services.
In the present age of early twenty-first-century teaching is not an easy profession. While once teachers were highly respected, valued, and role models for young people.
Indeed, in societies those tend to glorify celebrities, like artists, sportsmen than on outstanding teachers, there are, without doubt, considerable challenges to the status of the teaching profession worldwide.
A decline in respect of teachers is being noticed in certain western countries. More generally, families no longer support the teacher’s authority over their students in the classroom. Teachers can face the threats of violence from their students and their family members
As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we must look at the future of the profession and prepare the young dedicated teachers for the 21st-century challenges of ‘teaching in diversity’ and ‘diversity in teaching. Attracting bright-minded young teachers to the teaching profession is becoming challenging across the world.
For many potential young candidates, the world of work is now a much different place. In years past, young school graduates were pleased to adopt teaching as their first career choice. Now, they seek higher-paid jobs in more lucrative sectors at home and abroad.
For those who do join the profession, the issues at instance low salaries, feelings of being unappreciated, employment terms and conditions and constant pressures make them disappointed with this job. These matters are a question mark for attracting and keeping young people in the teaching profession.
Now the dialogue might begin with: how to plan more dynamic recruitment and training strategies, and how to make the teaching profession more attractive overall.
The placement of young qualified women in this profession and the adjustment of men in the early childhood education system is still a matter-of-course. All of these issues require a rapid solution so that we may not miss the young creative minds to become educators particularly in countries where they are needed the most. Governments also need to take bold steps for the financial rewards to the teachers to keep them motivated with their profession.

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