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World Heart Day 2024

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World Heart Day on Thursday, 29th September 2024. It is not a public holiday but let’s do what it takes to have a healthy heart.

World Heart Day 2024 Theme

Use Heart for every Heart” is this year’s theme, unanimously declared by the World Heart Federation. Although this day emphasizes cardiac diseases and urges the world community to keep their heart healthy yet this theme of the day takes us beyond the just physical wellness of the heart.

Our feelings and emotions have a close connection with our hearts but this theme encourages us for taking care of others’ hearts as well. We can use our hearts or feelings to deal with the sentiments of other people. For the physical well-being of the heart, the message through this theme is to teach your society for better nourishment of their heart by giving them the exemplifying your own heart.

Three ways to use your heart for every heart

  • Heart for Humanity

About 75% of the total Cardio Vascular diseases occur in low or middle-economy countries. It means that a large number of humans are suffering from this misery. The way to use our hearts for humanity is helping heart patients, come out of such calamity. We can serve the humans of those countries by spreading awareness and financially helping them in buying a cure and rehabilitation for their hearts.

  • Heart for Nature

Human beings have put drastic damage to nature through pollution. 25% of cardiovascular deaths are due to air pollution alone. About 7 million people in the world die from heart diseases caused by air pollution. It is time to use our efforts for nature and present our services to reduce and restrict the air pollution entering nature and ultimately killing us. The healthier the planet earth is, the better the heart of its inhabitants would be.

  • Heart for ourselves

Charity begins at home. Before using your heart for others, one must know that you yourself are fit and stress-free enough. We can use our hearts for ourselves by taking good care of them. Eating healthy, exercising daily and kicking out the tensions can serve the purpose.

Facts and Figures about Heart Diseases

  1. Heart disease and cardiac strokes are the leading cause of death in the world. About 18.6 million people die each year due to heart diseases or strokes.
  2. Tajikistan is ranked the country having the largest number of cardiac attacks i.e. 389.75 million.
  3. In every 34 seconds, one person dies from cardiovascular disease in the USA.
  4. The risk of heart disease increases with age. The average age ratio of a heart attack in men is 64.5 whereas in women it is 70.3.
  5. Heart strokes are avoidable. About 80% of cardiac attacks can be avoided by avoiding tobacco use, doing physical activity, taking a balanced diet and checking blood lipids regularly. These health tactics can also increase one’s age by almost 10 years.
  6. American Heart Association states that 26% of women are supposed to die this year due to cardiac diseases as compared to men whose ratio is 19%.
  7. Japan, Korea and France have the lowest heart attack risks respectively. The people of these countries eat and drink healthy and remain stress-less in their lives.

Purpose of the Day

The above facts and figures show how fatal are heart diseases, hence it is important to designate a day for the awareness of heart issues and their cure. This day asks us to make a list of all such activities that are damaging our hearts and leave them at once.

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