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About Us

Internationaleventday.com is an information based website that aims to keep its readers updated about the all UN recognized international events, observances and holidays in USA, India, Australia, Pakistan UK and various world countries.  If you aspire to get any kind of information about United Nations international days, international holidays, calendar days and Sports events, must visit this website for once and you will be mesmerized by our quality content for ever. We write comprehensive articles about all the events in such a way that you do not need to waste time on switching from one article to another. Every article includes date with day of the event,the UN resolution(s) regarding the day, the information about whether it is a public holiday or not, theme of the day, purpose of the day, history belonging to the day, and public activities regarding the day. Thus, the article provides complete information about the day in a nutshell. The articles are written in Standard English where regular readers can enjoy the beauty of language and the beginners can enrich their vocabulary along with getting other information. Our articles are written after proper research and plagiarism is highly a disregarded word for our team. Nevertheless, it is requested that any copyright material found on this website must be reported to our team via Contact Page button.