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International Day of Education

International Day of Education is observed on the 24th of January every year. This year too it will be observed on Friday, 24 January 2020 making it a dynamic versatility of United Nations to make sure about the rights of every individual which one carries with oneself but does not acknowledge or claim it.

International Day of Education

Theme of International Day of Education 2020.

“Learning for people, planet, prosperity, and peace”

This is the Theme of International Day of Education proclaimed by the United Nations for the current year 2020.

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility. The United Nation’s aim to spread education that is included in the basic needs and privileges and in turn human responsibilities and duties.


First-Ever International Day of Education

The first-ever International Day of Education was observed on the 24th of January 2019. This year it would be a second time when International Day of education will be visualized to proclaim that   Education comes under the basic needs of every person. Acknowledging it vigilantly, The UN’s General Assembly has made it possible to preach its message to every corner of the world and reflected a clear impact. It also sounds the betterment and welfare that education keeps inside itself; an educated individual, a civilized individual and hence a civilized society, blessed with opportunities and optimism.

Significance and Importance

Why Education Day is celebrated?

International Community has stressed in its adopted charter where it intends to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The first and the foremost significance to commemorate this day is that education is essential for the success of all 17 of its Sustainable goals. Hence, this day works as an umbrella that shelters and covers many other motives of the United Nations and the message conveyed through this day has a wide range of effects and authorities.

Among many challenges and short comings that United Nations has to comply with is poverty and it is an interesting and more preferably astonishing thing to know that many countries including third world countries, percentage of poverty is almost equal to the percentage of illiteracy. There is a famous Chinese proverb; don’t give your fish to anyone in order to help him, teach him how to catch a fish and it would make a lot of difference. United Nations cannot at once, eradicate poverty but it can create opportunities to minimize its effects and education is one of the salient power to do so.

Speech of International Day of Education

Nelson Mandela once said that knowledge is power taking this for granted we can determine the most powerful countries who made education a mandatory item, now rule the worlds, scientific evolution, business revolution and even humanity itself cannot achieve its goals unless or until proper education is not acquired. And we can observe that under-developed countries from where Nelson Mandela himself belonged, struggled not for prosperity but for education while history has thrown their pitiable and helpless disposition aside when they engaged themselves in education. A person’s conscious and sub-conscious run simultaneously and side by side of each other, former specifies present whereas later memorizes past. When a person attempts to succeed he must live in and uphold present while he should learn from the past. Education too has a similar phenomenon and it thus signifies itself when it works for the betterment of society terming that the omissions practiced in past should not be repeated in present and hence future would be well-organized, well managed and ultimately civilized. Betterment runs in such a kind of chronological order wherein, we are less aware and more educated about all such dealings. Therefore, we may say that International Day of Education along with its observance is a contribution towards a more improvised society.

Educated people are less burden upon the shoulders of society, taking an example from the past bitter knowledge and experience of wars and the influences that wars leave in the form of refugees. UN’s report says that some 4 million children and youth refugees are out of school which along with their other rights, violated their right to education. When education is given these refugees/immigrants are not radicalized yet they are revolutionized. A sense of peace is prevailed and it becomes easy for the countries to avoid wars and spread peace and prosperity to develop the world. High stake tensions can be eased when people are indulged in educated activities. International Day of Education is an effort by the UN to involve the world and creating an equal atmosphere, where keeping the welfare of the masses in view, compatibility can be administered.

Similarly, in a number of countries including developed countries, an issue of Gender against Inequalities is devastatingly dismantling the UN’s ambition to have a safer prosperous Global Village where Genders must not be discriminated. Education itself in its demonstrations never discriminates genders to get or prevail education.  All genders are subjected to get an education and there is no walk of life exists now where we don’t find the mixed genders and their integrity is solely rested with their broader visions.  Similar threatening issues like Extremism, Terrorism, Racism Inter-Religious disputes, Child Abuse and Climate adversities due to Climate Change can be repelled through basic and quality education. This day also affirms a resolution that education must be based upon facts and not upon sentiments or manipulations. This consequently will break the chains of Exploitation, Discrimination and Subjugation and hence injustice that further is a cause behind all irrationality and insanity in the world.

International Day of Education is a determination that on this day we should promise with ourselves and with this universe that education is the only weapon that cannot bleed us when we are un- defensive and in order to counter-attack we must educate our people. This decisiveness will ultimately make us economically, financially and regionally strong enough to dominate without threats of a downfall.



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