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World Bee Day 2023

World Bee Day

World Bee Day 2023 is on Saturday, 20th May 2023. Bee Day celebrations raise awareness about the threats to pollinators like bees by human activities. In December 2017, the United Nations ( UN) approved this day and the First World Bee Day was celebrated on Sunday, 20 May 2018. In the …

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NSE Holidays 2023

NSE Holidays 2023

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) follows a trading holiday schedule that includes the same holidays as those observed by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The following are the trading holidays observed by the NSE in India for the year 2023: Republic Day – January 26, 2023 Mahashivratri – …

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International Labor Day 2023

labor day

International Labor Day 2023 is on Sunday, 1st May 2023.  This Day is also called Worker’s Day or Labour Day. Difference between “labour Day” and “Labor Day” There is no difference between “Labour Day” and Labor Day”, in British English Labour is the preferred spelling, and Labor is preferred in …

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Labour Day in Pakistan 2023

labour day in pakistan

Labour Day in Pakistan is on 1st May 2023. Labour Day or Worker’s Day in Pakistan is celebrated every year on the 1st of May to pay a tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Chicago was an industrial city in America and on May 4, 1886, Chicago workers sacrificed their …

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Labor Day USA 2023

Labor Day USA 2023 is on Monday, September 5, 2023. Labor Day in the United States of America is celebrated every year on the first Monday of September to honor the American Labor Movement and the contribution of workers to the development and prosperity of the USA. Labor Day in Canada is …

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Mother’s Day in Pakistan 2023

mother's day in Pakistan

Mother’s Day Date in Pakistan Mother’s Day in Pakistan in 2023 is on Sunday, 14 May 2023. The nation of  Pakistan celebrates Mother’s Day every year on the second Sunday of May. This year too Mother’s Day will be observed with great affection and gratitude to mothers and motherhood. Mother’s Day …

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World Wetlands Day 2023

Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day 2023 World Wetlands Day is on Thursday 2nd, February 2023. The date marks the adoption of the Convention on marshland and aims to raise awareness and emphasize the vital role of wetlands. 2023 World Wetlands Day Theme “Wetlands Restoration” is this year’s theme. The idea is to …

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International Women’s Day 2023

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2023 is on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. This Day is celebrated across the world on the 8th of March every year. On International Women’s Day, the achievements of women for the progress and development of society are appreciated and their courage is admired globally. On this special …

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What is Today? Special Day Today

What is today

What is today special or what special day is today? Which fun day is today or which day do we celebrate today in the world? All these queries are available here because you want to know what a special day is today. Not only the list of these days is …

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International Day of Human Fraternity 2023

Human Fraternity day 2023

International Day of Human Fraternity 2023 International Day of Human Fraternity is on Saturday 4 February 2023. The U.N. declared the day in 2020 to promote fraternity and religious and cultural tolerance in society. 2023 Theme “This is the time in which the world needs more love and tolerance than …

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