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World Heart Day 2022

world heart day written on a heart photo

Thursday, 29th September 2022 is World Heart Day. It is not a public holiday but let’s do what it takes to have a healthy heart. World Heart Day 2022 Theme “Use Heart for every Heart” is this year’s theme, unanimously declared by the World Heart Federation. Although this day emphasizes …

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World Teachers’ Day 2022

Teacher's Day

World Teachers’ Day 2022 is on Wednesday, 5 October 2022. Teachers’ Day is a global observance and is not a public holiday. The celebration date of world Teachers’ day may vary according to the country. For instance, the United Nations (UN) along with a number of countries celebrates this day annually …

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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day 2022

national women's health and fitness day image of an exercising woman

When is the National Women’s Health and Fitness Day in the USA? National health and fitness Day of women falls on the last Wednesday of September every year. This year, it’s on 28th September 2022. Theme contest of the Day The American organizations hold a contest in every spring to …

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What is Today? Special Day Today

What is today

What is today special or what special day is today? Which fun day is today or which day do we celebrate today in the world? All these queries are available here because you want to know what special day is today. Not only the list of these days is available …

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What special day is tomorrow? What is tomorrow?

what is tomorrow

What special day is tomorrow? Do you want to know about tomorrow’s special event? You are at the right place. You can know here the list of all upcoming special days and events. Make preparations for tomorrow’s special day and have a lot of fun. All the special days have …

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International Day of Older Persons 2022

International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons 2022 is on Saturday, 1st October 2022. The United Nations(UNO) celebrates Older Persons Day on 1st October every year across the world. This year too it will be celebrated on Saturday 1st October 2022. Theme of International Day of Older Persons 2022 The theme of …

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American Business Women’s Day 2022

american business women's day. a business lady photo

American Business Women’s Day accolades the achievements of financial specialists across the country. It considers the commitments and accomplishments of the large numbers of ladies in the labor force. Likewise, thinks about the effect of millions of ladies entrepreneurs in the U.S. Date of American Business Women’s Day Year      …

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International Day of Peace 2022

world peace day

When is the World Peace Day? Wednesday 21st September 2022 is the international day of Peace on this planet. We owe to bring peace and prosperity to the world. Meanings of the Peace Day The United Nations unanimously approved the resolution of the establishment of peace day in 1981. It …

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World Tourism Day 2022

a woman visiting some place on world tourism day

World Tourism Day 2022 is on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Tourism is the movement of people to countries, mountains and places outside their usual environment for the sake of joy. World tourism day is recognized every year on the 27th of September with a festivity driven by UNWTO (United Nations …

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United Nations (UN) Observance Days 2022

UN observance Days

This is the list of the United Nations(UN) International Calendar Days 2022 and International Observance Days 2022 of the United Nations(UN). The United Nations and its specialized agencies like, UNESCO designate these specific days, weeks, years and decades for the awareness of the general public about issues and their solutions. …

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