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Christmas Eve 2023

Christmas Evening

Christmas Eve is on December 24, as Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born at Midnight on December 25, and Christmas Eve is celebrated on this belief.  History of the Christmas Eve  In the 16th century, when winter solstice celebrations first influenced Christian traditions, Christian churches celebrated Christmas Eve partly …

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Christmas Day 2023

Christmas day 2022

  Christmas Day 2022 is on December 25. It is celebrated as a public holiday annually worldwide. Christians celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus. History of the Day The Romans started Christmas Day on December 25. Christmas was first celebrated in Rome on December 25, AD 336. The …

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International Migrants Day

Migrants icon

International Migrants Day is on Sunday, 18th December 2022. The U.N.’s General Assembly proclaimed 18th December as an International day on 4th December 2000. 2022 Theme of the Day “It Takes A Community” is this year’s theme. The idea reminds us of our common humanity, independence, and the unique contributions we …

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International Arabic Day

Arabic Language

International Arabic Day is on 18 December 2022. The date corresponds with when Arabic was adopted as the sixth official language by the UN’s General Assembly in 1973. The theme of the day “The Contribution of the Arabic Language to Human Civilization and Culture.” is the day’s theme in 2022. …

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What special day is tomorrow? What is tomorrow?

what is tomorrow

What special day is tomorrow? Do you want to know about tomorrow’s special event? You are at the right place. You can know here the list of all upcoming special days and events. Make preparations for tomorrow’s special day and have a lot of fun. All the special days have …

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International Day of Neutrality 2023

International Day of Neutrality 2022 is on Monday, 12th December 2023. The United Nations observes this day every year for the promotion of peace and challenges settlement between the nations. The day got its first recognition after Turkmenistan’s resolution on the significance of neutrality in international relations. Theme of the …

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International Mountain Day 2024

Mountain Day

International Mountain Day 2024 is on Sunday, 11 December 2024. The United Nations’ General Assembly nominated 11 December as “International Mountain Day” in 2002 and this day(IMD) was first observed in 2003. International Mountain Day (IMD) is the UN’s observance and the holiday is only in Japan. Theme of International …

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International Human Solidarity Day 2024

International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day 2024 is on Tuesday, 20 December 2024. Human Solidarity Day is the United Nations(UN) observance and is observed on 20th December every year. International Human Solidarity Day Meanings Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, creating a sense of unity in societies. Cooperation and solidarity can …

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International Human Rights Day 2023

international human rights day

biInternational Human Rights Day 2023 is on Saturday, 10th December 2023. The UN proclaimed this day in 1948 to necessitate the equal fundamental privileges of every individual in the society without any gender-based, racial, ethnical or religious biasedness and discrimination. Theme of International Human Rights Day “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice …

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