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International Nurses Day 2021

International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day 2021 is on Wednesday, 12 May 2021. International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May every year. On this day in 1820, Florence Nightingale was born. She was the most famous British nurse in the world.

Theme of International Nurses Day

According to the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the theme for International Nurses Day 2021 (#IND2021) is,

Nurses: A Voice to Lead. The sub-theme for 2021 is A Vision for Future Healthcare

international nurses day and covid-19

Nurses – COVID-19 Front Line Selfless Warriors

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” —Mahatma Ghandi

The COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be the biggest turmoil. The experience of this shattering outburst is creating a short-term and long-term impact on the physical, social, and psychological health of every individual globally. While on one hand people across India and around the globe are largely confined to their homes with businesses and educational institutions all shut down in an attempt to contain the virus, and on the other hand, our Nurses are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front. Putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives, they truly are our heroes in these challenging times. While they are putting their own health, families, and most importantly their own lives at risk, the least we can do is appreciate their efforts and endorse their role in this Pandemic.

Every day, the selfless warriors are giving it their all in health-care settings while cutting themselves off from their families and loved ones. The sacrifice that they are making for the safety and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude on our end.   Nurses ensure that all patients acquire personalized, high-quality services irrespective of their infectious condition. They are at the front line of the COVID-19 outbreak response and are exposed to hazards that put them at risk of infection, it is vital that they are supported to protect themselves with specific infection prevention procedures and sufficient provision of protective gear at their practice settings, including ventilators, masks, robes, eye cover, face shields, and gloves.

Currently, there has been substantial confusion about the methods of transmission of COVID-19, who is at risk of spreading or catching the virus, and where spreads originate. But Nurses hold a vital function, as one of the most distinguished health service teams, in delivering public awareness regarding disease prevention and in decreasing the dissemination of myths regarding the epidemic. This involves countering myths, guiding people to available health services, and supporting evidence-based patient management and infection reduction initiatives.

Nurses are now actively involved in COVID-19 interventions, and they will remain key players in stopping the pandemic with adequate assistance. Thus, they must be provided with a healthy work environment to empower their efforts to control and manage the outbreak. First and foremost, occupational safety is key to nurses’ work during COVID-19, as they are face-to-face with danger on a daily basis. The overarching duty of nurse leadership will be to ensure that the appropriate prevention and security steps are taken to reduce the dangers of the workplace. In this respect, it is important that hospitals have appropriate infection control procedures and personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, goggles, gowns, hand antiseptics, soap and water, and cleaning materials) in ample amounts for personnel who care for a suspect or verified COVID-19 patients and the most important is we should cooperate, respect and endorse their unlimited services just to encourage them.

(Athor: M Ahmad, Srinagar, J&K)

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