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World Philosophy Day 2022

Date of the Day

World Philosophy Day is on Thursday, November 17, 2022, that is declared by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Third Thursday of every November The actual day for its annual celebration is every. It is a day of sharing opinions, thoughts, and a reflection of new ideas to address various trials faced by humanity.

World Philosophy Day Theme 2022

This year’s theme is “The Human of the Future”. UNESCO has decided to celebrate this theme through an exhibition at its headquarters in Paris from 16 to 18 November 2022. This theme is based on a question, how would be the future of human beings? As how and what would be the future of human beings. Science says that today’s human has gone through a long evolutionary process and the upcoming generation will also have to face similar yet in a technical manner. Reasoning or logic has never got such importance as they are having it nowadays. Hence, to survive in the future human beings will be more progressive and advanced. Therefore, this theme is related to concern about the upcoming people on this planet. Moreover, this idea also induces a wave of assessment in the minds of present-day people to visualize and perceive the existence of the future world.

History of World Philosophy Day

The UN celebrated philosophy day for the first time in 2002 to recognize and honor philosophical reflections in the world. The UNESCO General Conference in 2005 believed that inserting a day for philosophy in society would promote and popularize ideology, especially in educating the world. A General Conference, the 33rd conference held in the capital of France (Paris)in 2005 about the day. In 2007, UNESCO printed a 726-page long polyglot (Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) system and meeting document on the Records of that conference. Further, UNESCO also considered it befitting and officially institutionalized this day in 2005 for a worldwide observance of philosophical expressions.

Importance of World Philosophy Day

To recognize philosophical opinions throughout the globe, UNESCO’s Director-General Koichiro Matsuura stated a statement highlighting the importance and implication of global philosophy day. Because ideology has played a vital role for eras, it has worked as a foundation for advanced conceptions and ideas, self-reliance, generating a groundwork for critical thinking, and creativity across society/nation. Furthermore, some points which show the importance of this event are given below:

  • Everybody can share their philosophical heritage.

This day is not just a means of celebrating fun activities. It is a policy or program that motivates people to actively participate, voice their philosophical thoughts on early and current issues, and better recognize the world. This significantly helps in the peaceful cooperation of different people worldwide.

  • Raises Public Awareness

This day extends the knowledge of the crucial role of ideology and its significance in the selections evolving for many civilizations from globalization or gaining access into the upcoming world.

  • An Educational Source

Celebrating the day nurtures philosophical analysis, studies, and research on major current issues and events to respond effectively to the trials experienced these days.

Activities For the World Philosophy Day

  • Participate in workshops and cultural events

In association with academic organizations, institutions, and government, UNESCO arranges various activities such as philosophical debates, dialogues, workshops, cultural events, conferences, and demonstrations on this day’s theme. We can also engage ourselves in such workshops at a national and regional level to showcase the future of visuals of future humans.

  • Celebrate at home

Downloading the thinking sheets, posters, emojis, and videos that may reflect our emotions or feelings is the best way to celebrate this day at home. You can relish and share this informative and valuable content with your friends and the public on social media platforms. You can also celebrate the day by reading books or watching series, or movies on philosophy.

  • Join hands with UNESCO

Join UNESCO’s organized activities and participate in the activities organized at international, national, and local levels. You can also participate in activities with scientists and philosophers from numerous natural and social sciences, teachers, students, media, legislatures, and the general community. There are also book launches, exhibitions, fairs, and credo cafes, among other thrilling and educational activities.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Philosophy The earliest philosophers

The initial philosopher is Thales, then Aristotle and Plato are deemed two of the earliest, most popular thinkers.

  • The first world philosophy Day

The world has seen the first-ever philosophy day that was conducted at UNESCO’s headquarters in France, Paris.

  • A powerful advocacy tool

UNESCO established the ideology as a tool to promote the spirit of an international culture of rational deliberation that respects human diversity and self-respect.

  • Political association with the Day

In 2010, the celebration was outshone by an organized boycott of academies universally, stating that celebrating in Tehran would run the risk of transforming the celebration into political indoctrination for vicious management.

  • Every Individual owns the philosophy

UNESCO has proclaimed, institutionalized, led, and stands for expanding the philosophy, but it does not mean that UNESCO has owned the doctrine. It belongs to everybody who cares about it.

Why do we Celebrate World Philosophy Day?

The basic purpose of celebrating world philosophy day is putting our efforts to strengthen the role of philosophy in every culture. By the inception of a day in 2005, UNESCO highlighted that philosophy is crucial to new generations and a rule that motivates the actual analysis and assessment of issues to make a judgment. The universal celebration is meant to motivate teaching philosophy as a rule educationally and in familiar situations

The day also recalls the national or regional interest towards philosophy. It develops a great interest to grab people’s attention worldwide to involve and participate in sharing and debating philosophical ideas, thoughts, and current/forth coming issues. Another purpose of observing this day is universalizing philosophy as a subject and teaching it to future generations.

It intends to encourage philosophical discussions, tolerance of differing opinions, diversity, and respect for human dignity and rights. In a high-strung technologized world, the very concept of civilization is in continual evolution. Philosophy explores the concepts of presence, values, knowledge, language or reason and it has evolved throughout history. Ideology has undoubtedly, shaped our existing world and will improvise the civilizations of the future world. This day enhances the progress of an individual’s critical, logical, and sensible thinking which leads to a better perception of the world, promoting patience and peace. This annual festival supports people globally to contribute and share their cultural bequests for realistic and peaceful synchronization worldwide.

Whose birthday is celebrated as World Philosophy Day?

Martin Luther King Jr., a US national rights legend’s birthday is celebrated on philosophy day globally. We remember him for his nonviolent struggle and movement against racism, injustice, and inequality in American society. It was one of the king’s qualities that he always preferred reasoning and logic while talking about the future of the American people. This philosophical ideology of the king got nationwide popularity and he remained peaceful despite facing cruelty. He was able to stop segregation regulations through his argumentative strategy that ultimately abolish slavery from America.

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