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International Customs Day 2024

International Customs Day 2024

International Customs Day 2023

International Customs Day is on Thursday, 26 January 2024. Observed annually to celebrate the first session of the (CCC) in 1953 and the vital role of customs in maintaining global trade and border security.

History of the day

World Customs Organization (WCO) initiated the day in 1983 to celebrate the inaugural session of the Customs Cooperation Council in 1953. The day was established in celebration of the organization’s 30th birthday and was first celebrated in 1983. The Customs Cooperation Council (CCC) was retitled to World Customs Organization (WCO) in 1944.

2023 Theme of the day

Promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing and professional pride in Customsis this year’s theme. World Customs Organization is dedicating 2023 to nurturing the upcoming generations. The theme is intended to promote awareness about custom’s role and recognize customs officials’ hard work and dedication.

Dates of the event

Thursday, 26 January 2023
Friday, 26 January 2024
Sunday, 26 January 2025
Monday, 26 January 2026
Tuesday, 26 January 2027


Purpose of the day

People celebrate the day worldwide to commemorate the anniversary of the inaugural session of the World Customs Organization (held in 1953). Moreover, the day is celebrated to raise awareness about customs authorities’ role in the smooth movement of goods across the country’s borders and to appreciate all customs agencies working tirelessly to certify effective world trade management.

What are the customs?

Customs officials enforce laws governing the import and export of goods. The customs authority in every country is responsible for collecting tariffs and supervising the trade of goods. They ensure that trade is conducted safely, securely, and compliantly.

How to celebrate the day? / Activities of the day

  • Thanking Customs/tradition Officials

If you know your relatives or anyone else working in the customs organization, this is the time to say thanks and appreciate them. You can write an appreciative and thanking note to celebrate their efforts. Alternatively, if you don’t know any specific person working in the organization. You can write a formal thank you letter to the local customs office to make them proud.

  • Spreads awareness

This day is about raising awareness and appreciating the efforts of customs officers. You must do your best to do so. Your one relevant post on social media can make thousands of people aware.

  • Exchange opinions to celebrate the day.

You can celebrate the day with different ideas and ways that come to your mind. If you have, you must share them with your family and friends to make them celebrate too. If you have not, take opinions to others to celebrate the day. This will be a great source for discussing the topic of the day.

  • Learn about (WCO)

(ICD) is a fascinating opportunity to learn about World Customs Organization and its role. So, learn and educate yourself to further educate others.

  • Read about the tradition and rules of your country.

This day is a great opportunity to read and discuss the tradition and rules of your country to enhance your knowledge and share it with others.

  • Read about legal and illegal goods to be traded in your country.

Stay informed about our country’s traditions and learn about the legal and illegal goods to be imported and exported in order to develop a strong business.

Why is the day significant? / Importance of the day

  • (ICD) is significant because it’s all about appreciating the customs authorities of our country, which play a vital role in ensuring that goods entering and leaving a country are fulfilling the laws and regulations of the country and that taxes and tariffs are properly collected. Customs are also helpful in protecting citizens’ health and safety by preventing illegal or dangerous goods smuggling.
  • In addition, this day allows us all to offer gratitude and thank the customs officials for their work and efforts. No doubt! Their efforts have enabled the countries to build and maintain strong economies as well as protect their citizens.
  • Furthermore, (ICD) is a good opportunity for the new generations to think about how customs can be further improved and modernized to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced global economy. This may include implementing new technologies, such as automation and blockchain, to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Fast Facts about the day

  • The United States has banned products containing sea turtles.
  • Currently, there are 180 member countries of the World Customs Organization (WCO).
  • The W.C.O assists the administration with approximately 98% of global trade.
  • The World Trade Organization (WTO) was established in 1995 to govern trade and look after international trade regulations.
  • Observe the ICD every year with different themes and innovative ideas.
  • Seventeen European countries established the (CCC) when they joined the organization.

Slogans, Quotes, and Wishes of (ICD)

  • Slogan! “Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation by Embracing a Data Culture and Building a Data Ecosystem”.
  • Quote! “Custom officials are the ones who protect the entry point of a country.”
  • Wish! Wishing you a very happy International tradition Day. Let’s join in saying thanks and appreciating customs officials for their tireless work.
  • Happy (ICD)! Let’s work together to make the tradition system more efficient and secure for all.


Is there a public holiday on (ICD)?

No, there is not a public holiday. The schools, businesses, and government offices will stay open.

What should we do on (ICD)?

We should find different ways and ideas to honor and celebrate the day and promote it.

Is there an age limit to becoming a tradition official?

The maximum age to join the tradition is forty years. Being a citizen of the country you are applying to is also mandatory.

What is the official language of the World Customs Organization?

French and English are the official languages of (WCO). While some conferences have taken place in Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian due to the diversification of members.

Why is tradition so important?

Government agencies are entrusted with implementing regulations to collect and safeguard trade activities, including import-export, and to control the flow of products entering and leaving the country by tradition.

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