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New Year’s Eve 2023

New Year’s Eve 2023

New year Eve 2022 celebration

New Year’s Eve is on Saturday, 31st December 2022. Its celebration is an opportunity to say goodbye to the ending year and greet the new year.

History of the Day

31st December marks the last day of the Gregorian calendar year. Romans marked 1st January as the first day of the year. The first recorded New year’s Eve party was in 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia.

Who celebrates New Year’s Eve?

Generally, every follower of the Gregorian calendar celebrates New Year’s Eve on 31st December. Others who did not use the Gregorian calendar may also celebrate New Year’s Eve but on a different date.

Time of the New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve time starts at midnight (when the clock strikes 12:00) on 31st December.

The purpose of New Year’s Eve celebration.

People celebrate New Year’s Eve to remember the ups and downs of the year they have spent, say goodbye to it, and welcome the coming year with thousands of positive hopes.

Traditions of the Day

At midnight people celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks parties while some watch these charming scenes on the roofs of their houses or the screens of televisions. Some people prefer celebrating it outside as a grand celebration with friends to make it memorable. Some worldwide traditions are done to bring good fortune for the coming year. For example, eating 365 black-eyed peas and toasting a glass of sparkling wine when the clock strikes 12: 00A.M for good luck in the new year.

Activities of the Day

Plan a party 

Make a list of party items to make the night’s party fabulous. Go for final shopping, decorate the stage for having a dance party and welcome everyone with a smile on your face.

Celebrate it at home

Celebrating the last Eve of the ending year with your family is another best option to celebrate it. It is the best time to give your family and to make it unique and memorable through different activities.

Cook something special 

New year 2022 Cooking special

Let’s cook something special to dish out at the midnight party. You can cook or bake something favorite of your dear ones.

Take snaps 

Capturing photographs with your family and friends to collect a bundle of unforgettable memories and to start a lifetime record of every year’s celebration.

Go out to watch the event’s decorations.

You can go out with your family to watch the decorated roads and buildings on New Year’s Eve.

Watch Movies on New Year’s Eve

You can make it a movie night also to celebrate it. It is the best option to celebrate it with your family as well as your friends under a single roof. Some New Year’s Eve movies are Carol, and Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne and An American in Paris.

Celebrate through social media

Share different posts to wish people on social media and ask people about their best activities and memorable incidents of the last year.

Reasons to love New Year’s Eve.

Celebrating this Eve is loved because it involves many traditions and traditional; foods with a belief of bringing good luck for the following year.

Another thing that makes Eve more beautiful is the midnight kiss. The midnight kiss’ tradition involves the belief that kissing your beloved person at midnight will become good luck for the new year.

We all want to celebrate New Year’s Eve most memorably, as it is the last day of the year, as well as the end of our Christmas celebrations.

We love this as it brings a great source of meeting, partying, and celebrating with your dear ones.

New Year’s Eve offers a tradition of opening doors and windows of your house to let go of bad luck, swipe out worse memories of the last year from home, and welcome good fortune for the new year.

The end of last year encourages us to forgive others who have misbehaved or hurt us, to sorry those whom we hurt in the previous year, and to start a new year with love and new hopes.

Amazing facts about New Year’s Eve

Kiribati is the country that celebrates its first New Year’s Eve every year.

67% of Americans set new resolutions on New Year’s Eve.

The tradition of drinking Champagne at midnight on New Year’s Eve has arisen at the end of the 19th century.

The U.S. consumes 360 million glasses of Champagne every New Year’s Eve.

102.1 million people move to access their destinations on New Year’s Eve.

Samoa, Kiribati, and Tonga are the first places that celebrate New Year.

New Year’s Eve has 41% ranked as people’s favorite holiday.

The square party was celebrated in 1904.

There was no ball drop before 1907; people celebrated through fireworks.

Quotes to share 

Akilnathan Logeswaran said, “On New Year’s Eve the whole world celebrates the fact that a date changes. Let us celebrate the dates on which we change the world.”

“The old year is gone. The New Year has come.” _ (Lailah Gifty Akita)

Mehmet Murat ildan said, “Here is an unchanging truth valid for all the New Year’s: The more you believe in luck, the less successful you will be!”

“Begin every New Year a year ahead. End every year three months ahead. Watch your goals be achieved.” _ (Richie Norton)

Rahma Sinta said, “The year has gone, today is the last, and the dream should be lasting!” 

“New Year is about Same Person with New Motivations” _ (Torron-Lee Dewar)

Vern McLellan quoted, “What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.”


Should you have to buy a ticket to watch the Ball Drop Event?

No! the Ball Drop event is free in Times Square.

In which places does New Year’s Eve arrive at the last on Earth?

U.S. islands, Howland and Baker Islands, are the very last places where the New Year arrives.

What colors should be chosen to dress up on New Year’s Eve?

Red, purple or yellow colors are suitable to wear on the event of New Year’s Eve as red is associated with good fortune, purple is for wealth, and yellow is for prosperity in the coming year.

What colors should not be worn on New Year’s Eve?

Black, as well as white color, should be avoided to wear on this event.

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