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World Children’s Day 2021

World Children’s Day 2021 is on Saturday, 20 November 2021. Children’s Day is an international observance and not a public holiday. All the UN member countries celebrate Childrens’ Day according to their specified dates. Children Day is a fun day with a serious message. International Children’s Day offers us an …

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World Bee Day 2021

World Bee Day

When is World Bee Day 2021? World Bee Day 2021 is on Thursday, 20 May 2021. Bee Day celebrations raise awareness about the threats to pollinators like bees by human activities. In December 2017, the United Nations ( UN) approved this day and the First World Bee Day was celebrated …

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National Fried Chicken Day 2021

National Fried Chicken Day

Day and Date National Fried Chicken Day 2021 is on Tuesday, 6th of July, 2021. The USA celebrates this special day on the 6th of July every year. Other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, etc also observed Fried Chicken Day on the same date of 6th July. National …

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World Diabetes Day 2021

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day 2021 is on Sunday, November 14, 2021. This Day (WDD) is a United Nations’ observance and not a public holiday. World Diabetes Day is observed on 14 November every year. The purpose of this special day is to spread awareness of this noxious disease across the world. …

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What is Today in the United States (USA)

What is today in united states

What is today special in the USA? The United States of America has a huge variety of special days. Some of these days are celebrated in specific states of the US. The list of these special days is here, 1 Nov    Monday          All Saints’ Day     Christian …

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International Day of Education 2021

International Day of Education

International Day of Education 2021 is on Monday, 25 January 2021, making it a dynamic versatility of United Nations to make sure about the rights of every individual which one carries with oneself but does not acknowledge or claim it. The Celebrations of International Day of Education include the role …

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World Environment Day 2021

world environment day

World Environment Day 2021 celebrations are on Saturday, 5 June 2021. Millions of people around the world would take part in celebrations which would aim to spread awareness about the importance of Nature. These celebrations focus on the importance of the Natural Environment in our lives. It is the United …

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What Special Islamic Day is Today

2021 Islamic Events 1442-1443 A.H Isalm is the second-largest religion in the world. Special Islamic days have a unique identity in celebrations. These Islamic days appear in the Hijri Calendar and are celebrated according to moon tightening. Lunar Calendar consists of 12 months and ecach Islamic month in the Lunar …

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World Teachers’ Day 2021

Teacher's Day

World Teachers’ Day 2021 is on Tuesday, 5 October 2021. Teachers’ Day is a global observance. It is not a public holiday. The celebration date of world Teachers’ day may vary according to the country. For instance, the United States celebrates this day on Tuesday during the first full week …

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World Pulses Day 2022

International Day of Pulses

World Pulses Day 2022 is on Thursday 10, February 2022. World Pulses Day is observed yearly on the 10th of February. In the current year 2022, it would be the 4th time when World Pulses Day will be observed on Thursday10, Feb this year. What Pulses Are? Pulses are the …

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