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International Human Rights Day 2023

biInternational Human Rights Day 2023 is on Saturday, 10th December 2023. The UN proclaimed this day in 1948 to necessitate the equal fundamental privileges of every individual in the society without any gender-based, racial, ethnical or religious biasedness and discrimination.

international human rights day

Theme of International Human Rights Day

“Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All”  is the theme of  International Human Rights Day 2023 and the call to action is #StandUp4HumanRights”.

This theme aims to give categorical importance to every human right amongst which honor and respect are the basic ones.  The World Health Organization (WHO) owns this year’s theme in the sense that health is the inevitable right of every living being in this world. We cannot claim the existence of equal rights either if we are not providing equal health facilities to all. Wherever a person breathes, he/she should do so with quite an ease and comfort. The other aspect of the idea sensitizes the provision of advanced treatment to every underprivileged community and that too with respect and care.

The theme of world human rights day further elaborates the need and value of freedom in our life. Whether enjoying good health or expression of thought, everyone must have the liberty to display the blessings they are endowed with.  Similarly, the progressiveness of society lasts longer when justice prevails all around. Hence, we must focus that Justice is not only needful in society but also towards our health regardless of color, creed, sex and nationality.

History of the Day

At a plenary session on 4th December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution 423, which invited all United Nations members and other interested states to observe 10th December as Human Rights Day, the announcement of the UDHR with an annual celebration called Human Rights Day.

What type of Activities should we perform on Human Rights Day?

  • Learn about UDHR

Before the celebration, we should know about the rights of humans and the day that why we celebrate this day. So, to learn all these things, you can visit the UN website to download an illustrated version of UDHR, where you can easily find a simplified version of UDHR.

  • Show your support for human rights

You can show interest in this event by posting online or participating in discussions. You can share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about human rights. Spread positivity and love through your interest and actions toward human rights. Through your opinion, someone can know their right, and they will be changed and improve their life.

  • Give a speech and sing a song

In school, you can participate in different activities to show your interest in Human Rights Day, like giving a speech and singing a song to motivate people toward human rights. Furthermore, you can record your address and song and share them on social media worldwide.

  • Stand up for girls’ rights everywhere

A girl is the most vital part of every society, and she has a right to live their life according to her own will because she is also a human being.   It is reality and truth that you advance a nation when you educate a girl. However, worldwide, millions of girls lack access to an opportunity to get an education. So, we can take a stand for girls’ rights in society to encourage and support them.

  • Share slogans and wishes

Use social media and make people aware of Human Rights Day and its importance with different slogans and wishes. Make different logos, paste beautiful sayings on them, and then share them on Facebook and Instagram all over the world to teach and guide people about fundamental human rights. Some slogans are given below:

  1. Big and small, human rights for all. This day is the time to come together and celebrate powerful human rights, which lets us speak our brains without hesitation and fear.
  2. All deserve to be treated equally and somewhat because it does not matter our height or work.
  3. Do not delay, and do not hesitate to treat everyone equally.
  • Attend and organize human rights events

Many political conferences, exhibitions, meetings,  cultural events, and debates are held on this day. Try to involve in these events to encourage and teach people about their rights and responsibilities .you can teach people that everyone should respect the rights of other human beings in every case.

  • Stay home and give time to your family

On this day you should spend the most time with your family. You can help your mother, wife, or sister in the kitchen to make delicious dishes. It will help you realize that they are also human beings and need time. You can help your servants and gardeners in their work, and they are also part of our community. Additionally, have a small discussion with your family in which you can guide them to treat everyone equally in society.

Why International Human Rights Day is considered an essential day in the world?

It promotes unity

The Declaration of Human Rights was agreed upon by 48 member states when it was first created. Forty-eight countries share a common belief that life should be and can be better for everyone. International day of human rights always reminds us that every individual has a standard and fundamental right to live in a society with peace, respect, and dignity.

People deserve respect and dignity and to be treated fairly.

We are all born equal and should be treated as such. Every person deserves a set of rights by which they can live their life as they choose and without being oppressed, suppressed, or owned by someone else. On Human Rights Day, we learn that  No one can take objection to anyone’s fundamental rights in society.

It reminds us how far we have come

While there is still a long way to go, we should acknowledge that progress is being made, and the world is a better and fairer place for more people than it was a few hundred years ago. Let us acknowledge that and then crack on with the improvements that still need to be made.

It teaches us everything

Celebrating this day gives us much information, and we learn new things and rules for basic rights . it increases our confidence level to participate in different campaigns and activities. It teaches us that we all are born equal and can live according to our own will and choice. We learn that it does not matter how much one is rich, poor, black, or white; all deserve equal rights and opportunities to live a better life globally. We all are responsible for behaving equally with everyone.

Quotes of the  day

  • Audre Lorde said, “My silence has not protected me, and your silence will not protect you.”
  • “We face challenges of humanity when we say people to deny their human rights” Nelson Mandela.
  • According to Martin Luther King, ” A right delayed is a right Denied.”
  • ” I recognize no rights but human rights. I know nothing about the rights of men and women,” Angelina Grimke.
  • “ Most of the people think that they have nothing and then they give up their powers” Alice Walker.
  • Bjorn Ulvaeus said, ” Some values like human rights and equal worth of every individual must be universal.”
  • “Joy is when you spend energy improving human values, dignity, and capacity.

Surprising facts and figures everyone should know

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been translated into 500 languages worldwide.
  • In 1865, the US abolished slavery.
  • 1941 to 1945 was a horrific period in history named Holocaust.
  • The idea of human rights spread quickly to India, Rome, and eventually Greece.
  • 40% of girls worldwide are used as sex slaves and have no rights to speak for themselves.

 What are fundamental human rights?

  • Freedom from torture and slavery.
  • Space for the right to life and liberty.
  • Freedom to proper education and work.
  • Freedom of opinion and expression.

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