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Women’s Day Speech / Essay, Speech on Women’s Rights

On this International Women’s Day, when we talk about women’s rights, we must determine what it means. Human beings struggle for rights and all the privileges that they must attain in order to facilitate themselves in society or the community where they live. These accommodations are self-created and self-abiding as no one else cares or acknowledges them. But when we differentiate between genders terming them men and women, we often forget about the basic similarity of being a human being and try to discriminate between genders and race. Here one who is dominant in society or community also takes away and dominates with the rights and in this way a ritual is set which is followed by a mob of antecedents whereas, generations after generations abide by a similar pattern.
Women’s rights have a similar story and when we now consider women’s rights, the only thing that comes in mind is Racial Discrimination. Women’s Rights do not necessarily mean something which is against male dignity but it does mean an equal representation in the community in terms of education, employment, politics, economy, etc.
Starting from history do we have any logic pertaining to a single argument that may soothe our mind or comfort our souls that women have been entrained with equal rights as compared to men. The comparison between men and women in this regard is not due to forced imagination of biological difference but rather a compulsion that caused and left these exploited souls stray. And it is also true that constant exploitation and lack of self-determination tend to radicalize a person either a man or a woman and it can be observed in the history of feminism too. Before, talking about representation in the community, we don’t have standings that inside the walls of a house building their opinion is mattered. A characteristic right is when one’s opinion matters but contradictory to this a woman is over ruled because of lacking logical reasoning and required knowledge. This causes minds to induce inside them another right; to get an education, to acquire knowledge. Before knowledge and sensible education, a woman considers herself a piece of sexual attraction who must keep her virginity alive and chastity speculated until handed over to a man who has full possession of her body. A wife cowers before her husband, a mother before her sons, a sister before her brother, she makes sacrifices in fear to bring the family to order but finds no representation before her name. These ransoms are not restricted to domestic chores only but in the battlefields and war forefronts gallantry, their affection comforted the sufferers and provided an ointment to the wounded.
A similar situation can be observed in the American War of independence, where women too laid down their lives but found no recognition after the War which gathered a reason to the First Wave of Feminism.
Although in many countries women are struggling to achieve equality in health outcomes and primary school enrollment rates yet the world has not observed the same sort of progress when it comes to gender equity in the financial/economic system. Women on the other hand consistently follow men in formal labor force participation, access to credit, income ranks, free enterprise rates as well as in inheritance and ownership rights while they have even strived to register a psychological, mental attainment equal to men hence creating a vide and enormous racial gap that never filled because of male supremacy in the society. On the other hand, when we analyze the statistics in this way, we come to the point that by keeping the economy and financial setup in the hands of women, we can ultimately reduce poverty. Women not only fulfill necessities but also facilitate the whole economic setup with better options and welcoming opportunities.
Keeping these facts in view, we can determinate to formulate a society which must not be polluted by racial discriminations, where the young girls must not be put into forceful marriages, where education must prevail like a friendly virus, where we may consider the value of an opinion pointed by a woman, we may protect our women from being raped, molested or harassed and may pick the ones who talk about the rights with wolfish hearts. Beginning from education, technical knowledge and skills we can redress the grievances of the past can build a path to be followed by in the future and can set a welfare fashion in society.

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