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World Hepatitis Day Theme 2021

world hepatitis day theme

World Hepatitis Day 2021 is on Wednesday, 28 July 2021. The date of 28th July is chosen for World Hepatitis Day as it is the birthday of Nobel Prize winner Dr Baruch Blumberg (1925-2011). Dr Baruch Blumberg discovered the Hepatitis B virus in 1967 and the Hepatitis vaccine in 1969.

What is World Hepatitis Day

World hepatitis day is aimed to raise awareness of the viral disease of hepatitis and its harmful forms known as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, and Hepatitis E. This Day also focuses upon the control and prevention of this viral disease through precautions and medicines. Hepatitis is the main cause of liver diseases including liver cancer. Millions of people across the world are victims of this disease and are unaware of it, insufficient health services and vaccines for Hepatitis are a basic cause of transmission of this viral disease. Every year on 28th July, this awareness day provides an opportunity to raise campaigns about Hepatitis.

World Hepatitis Day Theme 2021

Hepatitis can’t wait” is the theme of World Hepatitis Day for the current year 2021.
Every 30 seconds this viral disease of hepatitis swallows a person. So this theme reveals that we can’t wait for hepatitis screening tests, treatments and vaccination even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations and country leaders must step forward in no time to chock off this calamity.

Theme 2020

Hepatitis Free Future
This theme urges to get rid of hepatitis particularly in pregnant women and their nascent babies. World Health Organization (WHO) is stressing upon all countries to make collective efforts to free the world from this viral disease by 2030. WHO recommends that all pregnant women should be regularly tested for Hepatitis B and their newborns must be vaccinated against this epidemic. WHO also prescribes that timely testing and treatment of Hepatitis can prevent liver diseases, all essential treatment services of Hepatitis should remain available and continue during the Pandemic COVID-19.

World Hepatitis Day Previous Years Themes

2019: Invest in eliminating hepatitis.

2018: Test. Treat. Hepatitis.

2017: Eliminate Hepatitis.

2016: Know Hepatitis-Act now.

2015: Prevention of viral Hepatitis. Act now.

2014: Hepatitis: Think Again

2013: More must be done to stop this silent killer.

2012: It’s closer than you think.

2011: Hepatitis affects everyone, everywhere. Know it. Confront it. Confront her.

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