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International Arabic Day

International Arabic Day is on 18 December 2022. The date corresponds with when Arabic was adopted as the sixth official language by the UN’s General Assembly in 1973.

Arabic Language

The theme of the day

“The Contribution of the Arabic Language to Human Civilization and Culture.” is the day’s theme in 2022. The theme aims to shed light on the various offerings of the Arabic language to humankind’s linguistic and cultural diversity and knowledge production. This theme aims to raise awareness of how the Arabic language contributes to cultural diversity, spreading hope.

History of the Arabic Language day

In 1973, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to include Arabic as an official language and General Assembly and Main Committee’s working language through A/RES/3190(XXVIII) on 18 December.

Activities of the day

  • Learn a few words in the Arabic Dialect.

On this occasion, you can learn some basic and new words in the Arabic language. For this purpose, you can use an app to learn and start with small talk phrases and simple greetings to try conversing with peers.

  • Visit websites for more information.

You can learn amazing facts about the Arabic dialect when you visit those websites where the material on the Arabic language is available. Share these facts on social media with your friends and family. You can take online Arabic language tests on different websites.

  • Meet Arabic-speaking friends.

Find friends who can speak the Arabic dialect fluently and practice with them using the basic phrases which you have learned already. You may learn more words from your friend and can practice outside with your family and friends.

  • Give benefit to the people.

On this day, discuss with peers in Arabic and record it in a video. Please share it on google so that people can learn and spread awareness about Arabic language day.

  • Spread awareness through wishes.

Find interesting wishes and saying from the internet and share them on social media. You can also make a logo for this day and label some wishes. Companies also hire a graphic designer to create a logo for world Arabic Day, so a company can pick your logo and appreciate you. Some wishes are given below.

  • Hoping you learn the mystic Arabic dialect soon.
  • May you get to know the various aspects of this beautiful dialect.

Practice Arabic poetry

Please find a few lines of Arabic poetry and practice speaking and learning them with the correct accent. It is quite a famous dialect, and sometimes renowned poets speak Arabic and write some poetry lines. Arabic is also the dialect of poetry.

Importance of day the 

Increases our information

When we celebrate this day, many new things add to our information; for instance, about 7,000 English language words have Arabic origins, and nearly 500 of them are still commonly used even today. We learn many things, and it encourages our thoughts and vocabulary.

The Arabic language is the dialect of science.

There is an instrumental role of Arabic speakers in developing chemistry, medicine, and mathematics. By bringing back knowledge from North Africa and the Middle East, mediaeval Europeans contributed to the transition of Europe from the Dark Ages into the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment.

Arabic is one of the world’s oldest languages.

This day is a source to increase the value of the Arabic dialect because Arabic has been used for more than a millennium, and new speakers are continuing to learn it. Furthermore, besides local speakers, more than a billion people learn Arabic to understand the Qur’an.

Allows learning and appreciation.

Celebration of world Arabic Day increases our knowledge and gives us much entertainment. We encourage those countries and people who speak Arabic as a first language. This activity appreciates those people and builds a flexible relationship with those countries or people.

Quotes and wishes of the day

  • “People were not ignorant and did not differ except because they left the tongue of the Arabs, and their inclination to the tongue of Aristotle, Thales.” Karl Brockelman
  • “With the Qur’an, Arabic has reached an extent that you hardly know any other language in the world.” Karl Brockelman
  • “The Arabic dialect surpasses all other languages, and the tongue cannot describe its merits.” Carlo Nalini.
  • “The Arabic dialect is the easiest and clearest language in the world, so it is absurd to exhaust yourself in devising a new method to facilitate the easy and clarify the clear.” George Sarton
  • “The tyranny of the eternal Arab heritage has proven that it is stronger than every attempt intended to displace classical Arabic from its dominant position.” John Vick
  • “If you are good at Arabic, you understand the history of the Arabs.” Unknown
  • “It is enough for the people of the Arab nation to honor and be proud that their beautiful Arabic dialect is the language of the people of paradise.” Unknown

Amazing facts and figures

  • In 512, the oldest record of written Arabic is an inscription on a temple nearby Aleppo, Syria.
  • In 793, the Arab language became formalized.
  • In 840, a Persian scholar codified Arabic dialect rules and wrote the first dictionary of the Arabic dialect.
  • Arabic is the official language of 22 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • There is no capital letter in the Arabic bhasha.
  • In Arabic, quotation marks are used to create prominence.
  • Arabic dialect can only be written from right to left.
  • The Arabic dialect has no abbreviations or contractions.
  • In 1960, UNESCO recognized the importance of the Arabic language, its broad ability to absorb the Organization’s publications and documents, and its impact on others.
  • Arabic is the sixth dialect that is most spoken worldwide.


How many words are there in the Arabic language?

12.3 million words are there in the Arabic dialect.

Who is the father of the Arabic language?

Abu al-Aswad was the first to establish the Arabic dialect, lay down its methods, and set its rules.

How old is Arabic?

It has been around for more than 2,500 years.

How many speakers of the Arabic language?

Four hundred million people speak the Arabic dialect throughout the world.

What is unique about the Arabic language?

Arabic has sounds that do not exist in other dialect.

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