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International Day of Acceptance 2024

International Day of Acceptance 2024

international day of acceptance

International Day of Acceptance is on Friday, Jan 20, 2024. It is celebrated annually to accept people with disabilities and to Commemorate the creator of 3E Love (Annie Hopkins).

2024 Theme of the day

Love and accept the way you are. Love yourself, not your disability.” It means that don’t expect yourself and others that they are not! Instead, accept the way you and they are. Don’t think they are living disabled; instead, think they are living. So, it is the right of every human to have equal rights and acceptance in society.

International Symbol of Acceptance

Love wheelchair is the International Symbol of Acceptance. This symbol contains a wheelchair in a heart outline. Annie Hopkins created this symbol (“Wheelchair Heart”) to unify persons of all abilities and helps the conversations to be used to change the attitudes for good.

3E Love

3E Love, LLC is a company started by two siblings, Annie Hopkins and Stevie Hopkins, in 2007 to spread the message of love and acceptance for disabled persons and to change the attitudes and perceptions towards disability.

History of the day

January 20 is dedicated to honoring Annie Hopkins , the creator of 3E Love and designer of the Symbol of Acceptance, moreover to achieve social acceptance of disability.

Dates of the day J

Friday, January 20, 2023
Saturday, January 20, 2024
Monday, January 20, 2025
Tuesday, January 20, 2026
Wednesday, January 20, 2027

 Activities of the day / How to observe the day?

  • Induce spirit

Behind every disability, there is always ability in a person. Try to find your abilities and encourage others to achieve beyond their capabilities.

  • Be kind

Try to be kind and accept the diversity of humans all around you. Stop indulging yourself in making people embarrassed if they have any disability; instead of this, give them respect.

  • Spread awareness

This day is all about spreading awareness about the day and its goal. Understand and spread the aim of the day to accomplish it together.

  • Let’s change profiles.

The day has its special symbol. Use the symbol as a profile photo or logo on your social media accounts.

  • Help disables

Take this day as an opportunity to help the people who need it.

  • Spend the day with special ones of the day

If you have any disabled relative or family member, try to spend a lot of your time with them to appreciate and respect them. You can arrange a get-together party for their entertainment.

  • Share your activity of the day.

You can go here to share your activity through pictures and videos on social media to enhance others’ awareness and spirit.

Incredible Facts about Annie Hopkins despite her disability

  • Annie Hopkins won every talent show in her high school.
  • When she was a college student, she designed a wheelchair symbol without knowing the meaning and potential of her creation.
  • Annie tattooed her designed symbol on her shoulder.
  • She had strong courage, no doubt! She has also discussed them in her YouTube videos.
  • She fought for her rights.
  • She was an educational as well as humorous personality.

Significance of the day

  • This day is significant to honor the efforts of the Hopkins siblings. This day aims to keep her vision and 3E Love moment alive.
  • It encourages us to accept people the way they are—love and respect people rather than their disabilities.
  • International Day of Acceptance is important because this day helps to change people’s attitudes and perceptions towards disabled persons, which was Hopkin’s dream.

Quotes to share

  • “No one is your friend who demands your rights not to grow.” ― (Alice Walker)
  • Gerard Way said, “Presence of happiness doesn’t mean it’s all right. It means that you have planned to look beyond the imperfections.”
  • K. Rowling said, “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.”
  • Martina Navratilova said, “Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, someone needs you.”
  • “Only disability is the incapability to accept and respect diversities.”

To quote 3E, Love

  • “Friends, tell the world you embrace who you are; a person with social rights, who has an opinion, who has interests, who has objectives, and who loves life; a person who is empowered to make a difference in the world and not be without a voice in society. You are not living disabled; you are living.”


What do you mean by acceptance?

In simple terms, it means to accept reality as it is. It’s about accepting what they are already and not wanting them to be changed for our acceptance.

Does acceptance mean not bringing a change?

It does not mean that you can’t work to bring a positive change and that you have accepted will stay the same forever.

Why is acceptance necessary?

It is important because it brings peace and love to humankind. Furthermore, the more you accept, the more you understand the motive and reason behind every moment and learn the lesson.

What do 3Es stand for?

  • First, E stands to Embrace diversity.
  • The second is to Educate your community.
  • The third is to Empower one another.

Why is it essential to accept diversity among people?

Accepting and respecting diversities and similarities among all of us is good for us. Because the situations never always remain the same, accepting diversity opens doors to face any challenge and generates peace and contentment.

Is Annie Hopkins alive?

On 2009 January 20, Annie Hopkins died because of unexpected complications during a simple therapeutic process.

A short message for all

Human rights, success, and happiness are not related to normal or disabled persons; all these things are related to just a human because all humans are unique and can do something extraordinary. But the first step is to “accept yourself, ” which will make the people accept you. Don.t allow anyone to comment on your disability or imperfection as Annie Hopkins had accepted herself, so the world has acknowledged and given her respect. No doubt! There is always an ability behind any disability. You can turn your weaknesses into perfections and strengths.

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