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International Day of Conscience 2022

International Day of Conscience

International Day of Conscience 2022 celebrations are on Tuesday, 5 April 2022. This Day is observed every year on 5th April and the first International Conscience Day was observed in 2020. So in the current year, the third United Nations (UN) International Day of Conscience celebrations are being held across the world.


What is International Day of Conscience?

The global leadership united at the UN platform acknowledges that all the crimes against humanity were motivated by the attempt to gain more control over other communities without considering the dignity of their culture, values, and the right to live the way they want to. All this resulted in colonization, holocaust, massacres in Burma, and other crimes against humanity that is the world ashamed of. The global leadership now believes that conscience stops people from committing crimes against others. Therefore, the UN has designated an international day of conscience. On 19 July 2019, on the sponsorship of the Kingdome of Bahrain, the United Nations declared 5 April as International Day of Conscience by Resolution A/73/L.102.
According to the mentioned resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, the day is designated in the struggle of “Promoting the Culture of Peace with Love and Conscience” throughout the world. The core values that underlie this day include peace, tolerance, understanding, solidarity, and inclusion. Moreover, International Conscience Day insists upon the global community to have a firm belief in co-existence, acceptance of different cultures, diversity, and cultural assortment. The global leaders at the UN platform agree that peace and stability in the world cannot be achieved without promoting inter-cultural harmony.
The global leaders are aware that conscience is an influential entity that obliges people to condemn evil practices like colonization, racial discrimination, social stratification, gender discrimination, religious discrimination, social injustice, human trafficking, drug smuggling, organ smuggling, and war crimes against marginalized communities, anarchic regions, and weaker/unstable countries.
This is the era of a global world and human migration has become much easier; therefore, if one part of the world is left underdeveloped and unchecked, the evils of this part (poverty, illiteracy, radicalism, extremism, etc.) can migrate to developed regions where they can create problems for the peaceful communities. Hence, it is our global obligation to help every country to develop and achieve peace only then the anarchy prevailing in the world can be minimized.

Theme and Purpose of International Day of Conscience

This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of conscience and the role of conscience in stopping people from harming others orally, physically, sexually, or mentally. International Conscience Day is celebrated to highlight that everyone has self-respect and the right to live with peace and security. Anti-humanity acts are defined by scholars on this day and they are condemned so the general public would hate and avoid such acts.


international day of conscience
Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa

The United Nations already has a document(s) called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where it acknowledges the dignity of every human being and every community residing on the face of Earth.
His Royal Highness Prime Minister of Bahrain Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa insisted upon the world leaders in the United Nations in 2018 to endorse the principles written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and designate an international conscience day to recall the principles of this document every year. He submitted a draft where he claimed that disregard of conscience leads to inhumane practices at the hand of man (human beings). Therefore, it is important to keep pinching the collective conscience of the human race on April 5 so it would play its role in stopping/hindering people from doing the mean acts described above. The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution in July 2019 and allocated 5 April as an International Day of Conscience.

Importance of Conscience

Conscience refers to a person’s inner self that is abstract a virtual entity, but it plays an important role in the actions of a person. A human being cannot ignore the mystic side of his personality that usually becomes the chief motivator behind every action a person performs. Psychologists also confess that human beings are highly influenced by thoughts and feelings. These thoughts are governed by conscience and history proves that the nations who regarded conscience were just and those who did not regard it became cruel. Morality, ethics, and virtue are guided by conscience and conscience stops people and nations from exploiting others. When conscience becomes inactive, people become materialistic, cruel, senseless, and scoundrel. Eventually, jungle law starts prevailing in the society that leads to the absolute damnation of society.

Public Activities on International Conscience Day

5 April is not a public holiday, but International Conscience Day is celebrated by many governments including the Czech Republic, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, and New Zealand. Moreover, many non-governmental organizations like UNHRC, and UNAOC. Public Seminars are held in universities, colleges, and schools where the purpose of the day is discussed. Electronic media broadcasts programs in the favor of this day and analysts write columns in newspapers. Social media trends are also started with the following hashtags:

International Conscience Day Hashtags

#InternationalDayOfConscience, #ConscienceDay, #UNInternationalDays, #UNInternationalDay, #DayOfConscience.

World Leaders’ Quotes about the International Day of Conscience

  1. “Everyone is a leader of conscience. Everyone is a hero of conscience. When our hearts are calm and pure, our wisdom will be unleashed.” (Hong, Tao-Tze, president of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL))
  2. “We have been very happy to partner with the government and mission of Bahrain and FOWPAL.” (Kiribati’s Health Minister Tauanei Marea)
  3. “I look forward to April 5th. I look forward to that day to gather again and really just kind of share in the energy, the energy of conscience, the energy of peace, and the energy of love!” (Rev. Cornell Edmonds)

International Day of Conscience Dates

International Day of Conscience20215, AprilMondayUnited Nations (UN) Observance
International Day of Conscience20225, AprilTuesdayUnited Nations (UN) Observance
International Day of Conscience20235, AprilWednesdayUnited Nations (UN) Observance
International Day of Conscience20245, AprilFridayUnited Nations (UN) Observance
International Day of Conscience20255, AprilSaturdayUnited Nations (UN) Observance

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