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International Day of Banks 2023

International Day of Banks 2023 is on Sunday, 4th December 2023. The United Nations (UN) globally adopted this day in 2019 to focus on the collective significance of banks for safeguarding the effective functioning of the global monetary and financial system.

Theme for International Day of Banks 2023

“Achieve sustainable development goals and improve the global financial architecture” is the theme of International Banks Day 2023. The theme targets one of the UN’s goals to alleviate global challenges like poverty and the quest for an amicable financial environment for the world. These goals are the achievable blueprints that require optimized education and choosing the right field in business. This idea is a way forward to collective governing procedures at the international level for securing the effective functioning of the world economic and monetary system.

History of the day

 In 2015, the General assembly adopted a wide-ranging, comprehensive, and transformative set of sustainable development goals. In 2019, the General Assembly of the United States proclaimed it an international day with resolution 74/245 to recognize the role of development banks in contributing to sustainable development.

Activities on Banks Day?

if you are searching for, What to do on World Banks Day? Then we have some useful and informative ideas for you and your friends to celebrate this day.

  • Read about development banks.

Development banks do not accept deposits but support public and private institutions with their financial goals. The day is an opportunity to read about the policies of these banks and search over those innovative ideas that help us furnish better suggestions for a better monetary system.

  • Organize a conversation

Work with your community leaders and local development bank to organize a conversation about financial tools. This day is a great way to share development banks’ information and resources. Share famous and essential policies of banks with your leaders that might help them in the future.

  • Make information packets

Please spread the word about development banks and their work. Your community could take advantage of the services they offer. Share the advantages of banks with your community and teach them how they can take advantage of banks.

  • Share slogans and messages

Everyone can share slogans and messages on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with their friends and family on this particular occasion. It is might possible that anyone gets motivated by your slogans like:

  1. Small step to a better future.
  2. We expect a small deposit; relatively small deposits add up.
  3. Banks do not change the business model; instead, they change the globe.
  4. Think smart; bank with us.
  5. Money is safer in a bank than under a mattress

Importance of International Banks Day

  • It raises awareness

Everyone should be more informed about the financial tools they can access. Development banks have this information, and we want to ensure it gets where it needs to be.

  • We want to learn more

Banks contribute to the financial health of the country in many ways. Learning more about banks’ role in our lives and communities is essential. When we learn more about it, we can know the facts and figures about banks and the day of banks.

  • We respect development banks

Development banks play an essential role in developing communities and helping them become financially independent. We respect the work they do and look forward to celebrating them. Through this day, we directly encourage the bank employees and appreciate their work globally.

Surprising Facts you should know about Banks

  • In Italy, BMPS (“Banca Monte deiPaschi di Siena” Italian signature of the Bank title), the oldest Italian bank, was established as a mount of piety in 1472.
  • In 1624, BMPS was re-established as a modern Italian bank that still exists today.
  • In 1695, England’s bank was the first to introduce permanent issue banknotes, evolving from the promissory notes payable on demand.
  • In 2005, the total commitment of equity, debt securities, and guarantees to development banks reached 45 billion USD.
  • “Bank” is derived from the Italian word “Table.”
  • The United Nations has the most banks in the world.

Quotes and slogans of the day

  • ” World Bank can only survive if it is spending money” Dambisa Moyo
  • “World bank is the only bank that is focused on poverty alleviation and economic growth” Jim Yong Kim
  • Ron Shevlin said, “The challenge for banks is not becoming “digital” it is providing value that is perceived to be in line with the cost or better yet providing value that consumers are comfortable paying for”
  • “When and where you need it, banking must work. The best service and advice in financial services happens in real-time and is based on customer behavior, using principles of big data, gamification,and mobility.” Brett King
  • Bradly Leimer said, “If banks cannot offer something more valuable than Amazon prime,then we are probably in the wrong business.”
  • “If you compare banks to companies, it is evident that banks are still at the nascent stage of the data revolution and digital.” Vik Atal
  • JP Nicols said, “If a bank cannot truly be customer intimate, they are doomed to be just dumb commodities, acting behind the scenes, like utilities.”

FAQS of International Day of Bank

What is a group of banks called?

A group of banks is known as a consortium. A consortium of banks refers to several institutions to finance a single borrower.

What is a bank person called?

An employee of a bank may be an Accountant, treasure, banker, bursar, bookkeeper, bank teller, or bank clerk; it depends on their work or function.

What are the main functions of development banks?

Development bank finance projects will help any developing region’s economic growth. By using new and additional funding sources, they provide long-term financing.

Why is the bank important in our life?

The primary role of a bank is to be an intermediary between depositors and borrowers. The bank’s primary role is to provide services like arranging money remittance, providing long- and short-term finance, and collecting bills and cheques.

Who started a bank in the world?

Henry Thornton is known as the father of the modern central bank. He was a merchant and monetary theorist.

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