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World Meteorological Day 2022

World Meteorological Day 2021

World Meteorological Day 2022 is on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. This special day is observed on every 23rd March for the commemoration of the date in 1950 when the Convention which established the World Meteorological Organization came into force. This year too the celebrations of World Meteorological Day are on the same date of 23rd March.


UN Resolution A/RES/531(VI) establishes a relationship between the United Nations Organization (UNO) with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The United Nations celebrates World Meteorological Day to commemorate the establishment of WMO. In fact, the day is designated to acknowledge the contributions that the World Meteorological Organization made to protect natural resources (water, air, and weather as a whole), and to provide food security, transport facilities, and water resources, especially to the underdeveloped areas of the world albeit it works in the developed countries as well. WMO has 193 member states/territories and it works in coordination with a network of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services that is established in many countries of the world. This world day is solely related to environment and climate where it acknowledges the contributions of those who are working for the betterment and protection of the environment and insists upon the others to take measures to protect the global climate formed by Nature.

Theme of  World Meteorological Day 2022

“Early Warning and Early Action. Hydrometeorological and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction.”

WMO Executive Council has recommended this theme for celebrations of World Meteorological Day 2022.

This year’s theme especially focuses on the importance of climate and weather. The global leadership has set up this theme to highlight that the world has indeed reached a critical point regarding water scarcity and climatic destruction. Water is one of the major issues that many segments of the world are facing including Africa and the Middle East. Some analysts believe that two nuclear-armed countries of South Asia named India and Pakistan might have a war on the issue of water in the near future. The other issue is Climate which has ruined the natural habitat of many countries like Australia, France, Germany, England, African countries, and Pakistan. South Asian island countries are about to go under the Indian Ocean in the near future. The youth of the world is active to force global leaders to take immediate measures to fight the curse of Global Warming and Climate Change. Greta Thunberg is one of the leading young activists who went every end to the fight against Climate Change. The theme is set to highlight the extreme these both issues have reached and to discuss the possible measures the contemporary world can take to address these issues.

While the theme for the previous year was “The Ocean, our climate and weather”.


In 1873, the first International Meteorological Congress of Vienna inaugurated the International Meteorological Organization in Austria. This organization announced that it would establish meteorological station networks that would improve weather forecasts using the telegraph network. This was aimed to help ships traveling in the ocean and the areas that were vulnerable to natural disasters. Fortunately, it helped a lot to improve the security of the shipping services. It was the efficient struggle of the International Meteorological Organization that helped it to survive after the new world order created by the two great wars and to become the World Meteorological Organization with consensus on 23 March 1950. The UN formed its proper co-working with the organization and started using it to facilitate different communities of the world where these services were required. Currently, the organization is not merely limited to provide weather forecasts rather it helps a lot to provide intercontinental transport, food security, and water resources. Nevertheless, vital information regarding climate and weather also comes from the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services which is a web of institutions working under the World Meteorological Organization.

Public Activities on World Meteorological Day

The UN has designated World Meteorological Day as a public observance, but it does not oblige its members to declare a public holiday on 23 March. Therefore, it is not a public holiday but people do arrange public events to celebrate this day. These people include meteorology students, meteorological professionals, departments of meteorology in universities, and some governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Weather, water, and climate are always hot-topics in the contemporary era, therefore, people who observe the World Meteorological Day highlight the extreme the anti-nature d’état has reached and proposed policies that can help us to protect Nature.
Apart from that, many countries ask TV channels to broadcast awareness programs and the writers to write research-based analyses about the state of climate affairs. They also issue post-stamps and arrange Tree-planting ceremonies in their governmental offices. March is a good month to plant a tree therefore they many organizations start tree-planting expeditions and encourage the masses to contribute to such activities. It is also observed that youth appears on the roads of many countries to press their ruling authorities to take immediate measures to stop carbon evacuation from industries that are damaging the ozone layer and causing Global Warming. Social Media activists promote the following trends to observe the day.


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