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World Water Day 2022

World Water Day

World Water Day 2022 is on Tuesday, 22 March 2022. This special day is observed every year on the 22nd of March. In the current year, we are again going to recall the importance of fresh water on Sunday, 22nd March 2022.


One thing that is the part and parcel of the body of every living organism is water, without which we cannot even imagine our existence, without which the concept of life is but nothing Through the observance of World Water Day, it is to remind us the importance of fresh water and to determine the protection of fresh-water resources that are quickly being drying out because of malicious activities.

Theme of World Water Day 2022

Groundwater, making the invisible visible” is the theme of World Water Day 2022, This theme acknowledges how valuable is water for our lives and how we are on the edge of depriving ourselves of freshwater.

Groundwater is found underground and is extracted to the surface for daily usage. This water also feeds springs, lakes, wetlands, and rivers. Life is not possible without this groundwater. We use this water for drinking, food production, and sanitation. We should stop the overexploitation of this water to keep the balance of the ecosystem.

Hence, the day also signifies an inseparable and powerful connection between water and its value.

The theme for the previous year 2021 was “Valuing Water”

First-Ever Water Day

After the resolution passed by the UN’s General Assembly in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), 22nd March 1993 was labeled to be The first-ever World Water Day.

International Year of Water Cooperation (IYWC)

International years have been designated by the United Nations since 1959 to draw the attention of the world community on major issues that do affect the larger and even whole part of the world. Although ¾ of the planet earth consists of water yet its worth and demand are still increasing day by day. Keeping these aspects in view, the year 2013 was declared the International Year of Water Cooperation (IYWC). The purpose of this initiative as indicated by the name itself was to engage and involve the global world so that we all may recognize the importance of water and may determine sustainable management and use of water resources. This year signaled as a campaign of understanding for the nations over water disputes and also measured the effects of water in the economic growth of countries.

UN’s Sustainable Goal that values World Water Day

Among UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, the importance of Water Day may be found in many goals but typically United Nations’ 13th and 14th development goals namely “Climate Change and “Life Below Water” respectively define the worth and value of water day.

History and Background

As mentioned above that the nomination of Water day on the universal level has roots deeply penetrated in history and the first-ever water day was observed in the previous century i.e in 1993. This shows that the requirement of water and threats to its sustainability are not new. World Water Day was suggested for the very first time in Agenda 21 of UN’s Conference on Environment and Development which was held in 1992 in Rio de Janerio. After this, the concern of the world community started to increase every day. With the advent of the 21st century, the availability of fresh water and the status of water resources further deteriorated which affected the environment seriously. Since 2010, the United Nations has been observing world water day in association with other elements as represented by the themes as follows:

  • Water and Energy in 2014.
  • Water and Sustainability in 2015.
  • Better Water Better Jobs in 2016.
  • Why Waste Water in 2017.
  • Nature and Water in 2018.
  • Leaving No One behind in 2019.
  • Water and Climate change in 2020.

Purpose of World Water Day

Starting from the current year where climate change is a bigger, hotter and more vulnerable issue to discuss. Deforestation has seriously costed our water cycle (in the form of rain). More trees more rain and hence more production and prosperity in the world but because of the unchecked reduction of trees, the water cycle has been disturbed seriously making the universe hotter and unpredictable. The basic purpose of this day is to reveal this concern to the whole world that climate change and uncertainty of our environment is because of our own activities as we can secure our environment by securing water and ecosystem. The other purpose is to ensure the availability of freshwater to every individual as water pollution has seriously damaged our health and life standards, however, by this day, we can determine our role for the preservation of water not only for ourselves but also for the lives underwater. Another purpose to celebrate this day is to visualize the issue of energy crises. Water is a major and cheaper source of energy but its unattainability today has created a huge loophole and disaster in the energy and power sector.

Logo and Symbols

The symbol for world water day determined by the UN is a round-shaped ball of water that represents our earth(globe) while the aqua color of the ball signifies the presence(proportion) and worth of water on this planet.

The logo of this day has however been presented in different forms but the most significant of which is a “water drop in hand logo” which is more relatable to the year 2022 that further expresses the need for water preservation.

Activities on World Water Day

  • Conducting seminars on different forums i.e schools, offices and public places about the facts of water usage, its sanitation and availability of fresh water in the world.
  • More stress can be laid upon the fact of proper usage of water and proper sanitation system that may not affect our freshwater resources and also educating people about water pollution and its impact on our lives and the lives under-water.
  • The theme of world water day is directly related to climate change hence, the effects of water on the temperature of this universe must be revealed through this day.
  • Water-related games, swimming competitions may be conducted this day to show the symbolic value of water.
  • Helping poor and under-privileged people with drinkable and clean water.
  • Wastage of water is a social and moral sin that may sustain some rich but may deprive many poor, the banners and posters carrying such slogans should be expressed and the rallies with such mandate must be drawn.

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