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International Day of Peace 2024

When is the World Peace Day?

Thu, 21st September 2024 is the international day of Peace on this planet. We owe to bring peace and prosperity to the world.

Meanings of the Peace Day

The United Nations unanimously approved the resolution of the establishment of peace day in 1981. It means that every year, 21st September will remind us of maintaining and committing to peace. All of us can contribute at a minor or major level to the building of peace in the world.

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Theme of International Day of Peace 2024

End Racism, Build Peace is the theme of this year’s Peace Day. Racism is when you as an intuition, individual or society have a negative perception about others’ ethnicity. It is a known fact that prejudice on the basis of skin tone, caste, religion and nationality remained the key element of disharmony in societies. People’s sentiments are strongly attached to their ethnic values.

The incidents of discrimination and ultimate negativity have triggered anarchy and unrest in multiple advanced nations of this world. As the world is a global village, such anarchy poses a major threat to its peace and may engage the entire world into distress. Therefore, the theme of Peace Day 2022 focuses to eliminate racism so that harmony could be restored on this planet.

What is the Reason for Choosing the Racism Theme for Peace Day 2024?

The Murder of Black American, George Floyd by white US police officials in the city of Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, once again embarked on protests against racism in the USA. Until 2021, the major threat to the world’s comfort was countries’ economic conflicts in the aftermath of the Pandemic Covid-19. Therefore, the theme of the universal day of peace 2021 was ‘Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”.

Floyd’s death was considered racial violence as the charge of paying a counterfeit $20 bill caused him life by a white policeman Derek Chauvin. People considered Chauvin’s hatred and disregard towards blacks who despite knowing Floyd’s catastrophic condition kept on putting his knee on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes which resultantly killed him.

The videos of Floyd’s death went viral that ignited another large protest by Black Americans and hurt the sentiments of all black people around the globe. The selection of this year’s theme hence emancipates the solid ground of likewise incidents of George Floyd’s death.

World Peace Day Symbols

Dove is the symbol of Peace for the observance of this day. The bird that is tranquil in nature, universally represents the signs of amity and love. Therefore, the United Nations has officially declared Dove, the emblematic partner of their Peace mission in the world. The dove will spread the message this year to end racism and let society flourish with harmony.

Purpose of the World Peace Day

The actual purpose of universal peace day is to foster acceptance by engaging all the people. It asks them to show their commitment towards peace by remaining non-violent. This day is an ambition to remove all the differences amongst each other and build a culture of peace everywhere.

Terrorism, hatred, violence and armed conflicts are the elements that have put drastic damage to the peace and economy of the world. In the year 2015, only terrorism cost 13.6 Trillion US Dollars to the world. Similarly, we were having 406 million youth on this planet engaged in armed conflict in 2016. Hence, the purpose of the day not only instigates us to remain peaceful and harmless but also helps us to save our money.


The day is important because there will be no violence and firing for 24 hours. We have a non-violent and ceasefire Charter assured by all member countries of the UN. The charter asks the world to remain non-violent and enact a ceasefire during the 24 hours of this day. Such a resolution provides a sigh of 24-hour relief to the people who are suffering from disasters posed by wars or conflicts. So this day’s observance forces the world to remain peaceful. It does not let fear and agitation come near the people for at least 24 hours.

Facts and Figures

  • In about last 3400 years, the world remained at peace for only 268 years.
  • Only conflicts engaged 406 million youth of the world in a single year, 2016.
  • Wars alone in the 20thcentury killed 108 million people in the world.
  • 6 Trillion US Dollars were succumbed to terrorism in the world in the year 2015.
  • Nobel Peace prize has been included in the Nobel prize categories considering peace the best service for the human fraternity.
  • The first ever recorded peace movements, Peace of God and Truce of Godin 989 and 1027 AD respectively indicate that peace has been the gravest concern of the world.
  • According to Global Peace Index, Iceland was declared the most peaceful country in the world in 2008 and it holds the title today.

International Peace Day Activities

How to Celebrate World Peace Day?

Activities for the General Public.

  • Hold a moment (probably a minute or more) of silence and pray for the peace of the world.
  • Pray for the people who lost their lives in the wars and conflicts and place flowers at war memorials.
  • Make posters indicating peace gestures and hang them in public places.
  • Arrange a peaceful awareness walk or a march to express the need for peace.
  • Watch antiwar films and videos that promote peace.
  • Post videos of your peace Day activities on your social media timelines and make peace a top trend.
  • Hold an exhibition for a peace celebration and show some art quotes that may energize your community.
  • Give charity to the people financially affected by wars, violence or other conflicts.
  • Boycott and report the websites that contain violent or harsh content.

Activities for Students

  • Arrange an assembly to talk about amity and love in the world.
  • Invite a speaker to talk about the harms of wars or violence and how peace is beneficial for all.
  • Pay tribute to the peace heroes of the world.
  • Read books about peace and hold a book discussion.
  • Write a letter to the political leaders of your country and ask them to put their efforts to combat conflicts.

Activities for Children

  • Draw paintings with the theme of peace and tranquillity.
  • Throw a peace party and entertain your children to portray the environment of a peaceful society.
  • Plant a tree with the Kid so that both could grow together.
  • Teach your children to resolve conflicts through peaceful dialogues, consensus building and non-violence.
  • Take part in the Unicef Online Activity focusing on the rights of children to have a virtual experience free from violence and abuse.

History and Background of the Day

The 36th session of the UN’s General Assembly in the year 1981, discussed the acknowledgement of international peace day and Peace year. The General Assembly recalled the promotion of peace and observed the initiatives taken by the International Association of University Presidents in a conference held in July 1981. Going through it, the GA considered that there would be a possible way to strengthen such ideals of peace efforts by nominating an official day for the celebration of peace.

The Economic and Social conference was asked to submit the report for the celebration of the international peace year at the first practicable opportunity. After considering the discussions of its previous sessions as well, the General Assembly declared that the 3rd Tuesday of September 1981 shall be proclaimed for the celebration of universal peace day.

The First Ever Peace Day

21st September 1981 was the first ever international Day of peace, officially declared by the UN.

Who started the World Day of Peace?

It is reported that Pope Paul VI in the year 1967, first established the day. This day was a feast day in the Catholic Church and is celebrated every year on the 1st of January. Inspired by the “Pacem in Terris of Pope John XXIII” the first ever world peace day amongst the Catholics was 1st January 1968.

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