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International Day of Persons With Disabilities 2023

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is on Saturday 3rd December 2023. The United Nations’ General Assembly proclaimed this day (IDPD) in 1992.

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Theme of the Day

Transformative solutions for inclusive development: The role of Innovation in fueling an accessible and fair world” is the theme for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2022. The theme tends to find solutions by modifying the already available resources and searching for equal opportunities for these differently-abled persons to pave the way for their effective inclusion in the progressing societies. It enlightens the valuable stature of innovation and describes the pivotal role modernity can play, in achieving an unbiased living environment for disabled persons. This idea discusses the innovation for disability-inclusive development, like sports, a site of equity, innovation, and employment. It aims to identify the linkages between knowledge and skills required to access innovative and assistive technology work. This theme also explains the creation and good practical tools to reduce inequality for disabled people in all sectors.


United Nations passed a resolution to observe and promote disability awareness in 1992. Previously, it proclaimed the international year of disabled persons in 1981 to emphasize the equalization of opportunity and prevention of disability. This long decade lasted from the year 1983 to 1992 after which the United Nations declared 3rd December as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Activities for International Day of Persons with Disabilities

  • Improve inclusion and accessibility

Many hurdles in a workplace can prevent disabled workers from performing at their best, from braille signage to accessible toilets and wheelchair ramps to screen readers. It is essential to consider how our work can affect disabled persons. Try to create an accessible environment on this day for all team members. For instance, for noise sensitivity, people try to arrange quiet rooms. Digital accessibility tools may improve the performance of disabled persons, so invest in them.

  • Get to a pledge

Minimizing the world’s unequal approach towards disability is an awaiting process so, it pledges to celebrate the value of accessibility and diversity for serving disabled persons. Learn from the experts and try to implement the possible changes in the workplace which will directly benefit disabled staff. If possible and easily affordable, try donating to disability charitable foundations. Some meaningful pledges are:

  1. Assess the diversity of employees
  2. To support and encourage making a public Statement.
  3. Discrimination policies should be improved and strengthened
  • Promote inclusive and open educational recommendation

It is paramount to meet the targets for sustainable development where inclusive education is the equal opportunity for lifelong learning and educational progress that creates equity in the world.

  • Hire a disabled individual

Disability gives birth to dependency but not to the evolution of creative ideas.  It is the utmost duty of society to permit disabled people to experience the life they deserve and share their creative ideas and life experience. Overcoming challenges and developing confidence are admirable and vital. One way of encouragement is hiring them as employees and giving them a chance to be independent both financially and in opinion-presenting.

  • Awareness of the people and teaching them. 

This day teaches people how to treat disabled persons because negative behavior towards disability is the common barrier while obtaining their participation in experience sharing. Lousy attitudes discourage the talent and ability of these people that remain efficacious in the overall efficiency of an organization. Titling them as “differently abled” instead of “disabled” mitigates the sense of prejudice, and stereotyping and encourages society to maintain an inclusive approach towards these such special people.

Importance of the (IDPD) Day

  •  Global Recognition

Disability is a global phenomenon that affects about 15% population of the world hence every 15 in 100 individuals cannot be marginalized without assessing their productivity and valuable existence in the world.  This (IDPD) day asks us to recognize, encourage and celebrate the equal rights of people with disabilities in the quest for their societal inclusion.

  • Equality and change

Sustainable societies continue to progress and keep on changing for betterment. The day emphasizes that public welfare objectives must include the disabled in their journey towards development and this equality and change must go together.

Facts you should know

  • In 1993, Franklin D. became the first president and advocated for the rights of those people who had liked him (disabled)
  • The Rehabilitation act was passed in 1973 to protect the civil rights of disabled people.
  • One billion people have a disability globally.
  • Accidents cause 9% of disability chances in the world.
  • More than a hundred million disabled persons are children.
  • In developing countries, 80% of people live with a disability.
  • Globally approximately 50% persons cannot afford healthcare
  • A maximum of 180 countries have ratified the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Physical, behavioral, sensory, and developmental are the four types of disability.
  • The most famous disabled person in the world is Helen killer.
  • Edward Verne Roberts is the father of the independent living movement.

 Quotes of the day

  • Robert Hensel said, “I choose not to place DIS in my ability.”
  • “Since I have one leg, I can understand very well that life is all about balance”, Sandy Fussell.
  • “Belief in yourself; you are halfway there” Theodore
  • Walt Whitman said, “Shadow will fall behind you if you always keep your face towards sunshine”.
  • “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”, Confucius.
  • Hensel said, “In society, there is no greater disability than the inability to see a person as more”.
  • Lee Brown said, “Your goals are the roadmaps that show and guide you in what is possible for your life.”
  • “Disability should not mean being disqualified from having access to all aspect of life.” Emma
  • Robert Hensel said that ” Do not know me for my disability. Know me for my ability.”
  • “ I do not have a dis-ability, I have a different -ability.” Hensel

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