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Labor Day USA 2024

Labor Day USA

Labor Day USA 2024 is on Monday, September 5, 2024. Labor Day in the United States of America is celebrated every year on the first Monday of September to honor the American Labor Movement and the contribution of workers to the development and prosperity of the USA.
Labor Day in Canada is also celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Public Holiday

Labor Day in the USA is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September, recognized as a federal holiday. It is also called Labor Day Weekend.


Labor Day is called the “unofficial end of summer” Because many fall activities, such as school and sports begin about this time. Sports like football, tennis, and athletics blossom at Labor Day weekend. In fashion, Labor Day is considered the last day to wear a white dress.
Families and friends enjoy a long weekend before the re-opening of schools. They go outside and enjoy beaches and barbecues over the Labor Day Weekend. People also enjoy numerous activities in cities like Labor Day Carnival in New York, fireworks, Labor Day Concert, 12-hour dance parties, happy hours in restaurants, and many other activities.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day has become an important weekend for discounts and allowances by many retailers in the United States, especially for Back to School sales. Some retailers claim it as the second-largest sale dates, after the Christmas season’s Black Friday.

Facts of Labor Day

  • Beginning in the late 19th century “Labor Day” was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor in 1887.
  • In the USA, Oregon was the first state to adopt Labor Day as an official public holiday.
  • In 1894, Labor Day was officially observed in thirty states of the United States.
  • Canada also follows the date of the 1st Monday of September for Labor Day.
  • More than 80 countries celebrate Labor Day as International Worker’s Day on May 1, to commemorate the Haymarket affair, which occurred in Chicago on May 4, 1886.
  • J. McGuire, Vice President of the American Federation of Labor is credited as the father of Labor Day.
  • Labor Day is a mark of the end of the cultural summer season in the USA.
  • In fashion, Labor Day is imagined the last day to wear white

History of Labor Day

Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, promoted Labor day by a parade in New York City In 1887,
According to one early history of Labor Day, a public parade of various labor organizations was held on September 5, 1882, under the auspices of the Central Labor Union(CLU) of New York.
An alternative thesis maintains that Peter J. McGuire, a vice president of the American Federation of Labor proposed the idea of Labor Day on May 8, 1882, According to McGuire the event should begin with a street parade followed by a picnic.
In 1887 Oregon was the first state in the United States to make Labor Day as an official holiday. Following the federal holiday in 1894, thirty U.S. states officially celebrated Labor Day.

Labor Day vs. May Day

The date of 1st May emerged in 1886 from the bloody Haymarket affair, later becoming known as International Workers’ Day. In 1889 an international federation of socialist groups and trade unions nominated May 1, as a day in commemoration of martyrs of the Hay Market Riot in Chicago. Till now, many Asian, European and other world countries celebrate Worker’s Day on 1st May.
In the USA, Conservative Democratic President Grover Cleveland provoked that labor holiday on May,1 would tend to rip the Haymarket Affair around the globe. He supported the September Labor Day holiday as a less incendiary alternative. The date of September was finally adopted as a United States federal holiday in 1894.

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