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National Fried Chicken Day 2022

National Fried Chicken Day

Day and Date

National Fried Chicken Day 2022 is on Wednesday, 6th of July, 2022. The USA celebrates this special day on the 6th of July every year. Other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, etc also observed Fried Chicken Day on the same date of 6th July.

National KFC Day

6th of July 2022 is also KFC Day in the USA. All the chains that provide fried chicken especially KFC offer promotions to celebrate national fried chicken day.

Theme of National Fried Chicken Day 2022

No veggies, just classic Fried Chicken” may be considered the theme of national fried chicken day 2022 in the USA. Fried Chicken is a classic dish of the USA and it is loveable in the southern states of America. The bird also gets the spotlight on this day as people only focus on having a piece of chicken’s leg or breast. No one looks at vegetables on this day and it is only fried chicken that gets all attention.

Types of fried chicken

There are multiple ways of preparing fried chicken. People according to their taste may enjoy pressure-fried, deep-fried and pan fried-chicken on the national fried chicken day. The fried chicken is coated with flour and spices that make it crunchy from the outside and juicy from the inside.

Fried Chicken Month

Though the 6th of July is the national fried chicken day in the USA, while the national month of chicken is September.

Facts about Fried Chicken

fried chicken day

Here are some interesting facts about fried chicken along with its short history:

  1. The fried chicken was a sign of wealth when it was first cooked and served.
  2.  More than half of the all chicken entrees ordered in the restaurants are for fried chicken.
  3. July is the national grilling month in the USA but fried chicken also has its day during this month.
  4. The chicken came before the egg because it was cooked before the egg happened to be used for eating purposes.
  5. KFC is the first food chain that supplied fried chicken. KFC was first known as “Sanders Court and Buffet”.
  6. Before the first-ever concept of fried chicken, chickens remained in domestic fraternity only for fighting but not for food.
  7. Corn, mashed potatoes and biscuits are the best accompaniments of fried chicken.

History of Fried Chicken Day

Before we look into the actual history of National Fried Chicken Day in the USA, it is important to know the interesting history of Fried Chicken which is as under:

  • Fried chicken finds its name as far back as in Roman times. There are glimpses of fried chicken in the 4th century and the term used for it was Pullum Frontonianum.
  • The term Fried Chicken itself came in the 1830s and it can be found in cookbooks of the 1860s and 1870s in the USA.
  • In the southern state of the United States of America, this dish has precedents in West African and Scottish cuisine.
  • Fried chicken of West Africa was seasoned, battered and then cooked in palm oil. Scottish people usually cooked it in fat

The fried chicken day thus shares and carries its significance with the history of fried chicken. The day also makes us remember the date when in 2018, KFC provided people with a chance to win free fried chicken for one year. The only requirement from contestants was to share a post on social media that “why you deserved to be the winner of this prize”. A 19-year-old who won this prize got the KFC logo tattooed on her foot. Such kind of interesting story makes the history of Fried Chicken Day more entertaining.

How to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

  1. Say no to fork and knife on this day and celebrate the day by eating the fried chicken with your bare hands.
  2. Be a chef on this day and try to make your own fry chicken.
  3. Invite friends and family members to have a meal with you and prepare a chicken fried cuisine with a pizza like a touch in it.
  4. Food chains and restaurants can offer special promotions on this day to help people enjoy the taste of fried chicken.
  5. Share pictures of your feasts and cuisines and make the day fun and entertaining altogether.

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