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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day 2023

When is the National Women’s Health and Fitness Day in the USA?

National health and fitness Day of women falls on the last Wednesday of September every year. This year, it’s on 28th September 2023.

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Theme contest of the Day

The American organizations hold a contest in every spring to select the theme for woman’s health and fitness day. In 2019, the theme “Good Health is a Good Habit” won the contest but the competition later, fell a prey to the Pandemic COVID-19. Now, after the lapse of two years, the contest is open since 2nd August and we owe to get an exciting theme over women’s health and fitness.

Purpose and importance of the Day

This day is to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority. The women’s community has been badly affected by certain assumptions, false practices and superstitions regarding health. Phases like pregnancy and childbirth are often manhandled due to certain wrong doings that damage the overall health and fitness of the women. For example, corsets have been used by women in America for weight loss and maintaining body shape yet studies have revealed that it may cause weakening of pectoral muscles and even fainting. Similarly, women in the earlier 1930s were not allowed to go out of the house for a workout.

Later, when they started going to the gyms, the gyms were titled ”reducing salons” because the people thought the women only reduce weight there. It is because of awareness and advancement that now a days, we are familiar with the term, “fitness centers” because we know that the purpose of women’s workout is not reducing weight but remaining fit. Hence, the purpose to celebrate this day is to dispose of such misconceptions and spread awareness regarding the health and fitness of females.

Facts and Figures about American women’s health and Fitness

  • Even non-smoker women are more likely to succumb to respiratory diseases than men as the proportionate of occurring asthma is more amongst women than men.
  • About 36 Million American women have some disabilities, they are living with.
  • The danger of Breast cancer hasn’t exempted American women. There is a probability in every 1 out of 8 American women to develop breast cancer.
  • Obesity is also a major problem in America as more than 38 % of women over the age of 20 are obese.
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding that lasts more than 7-days, affects approximately, 10 Million women in the USA, annually.
  • The ratio of women in America who meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic activity is less than 50%.
  • About 20 Million women have eating disorders.

Five Myths about Women’s Health

  • Heart Diseases have nothing to do with women

People often consider that women have lesser chances of developing cardiac diseases than men. It is quite a fallacy as the reason for suffering from heart disease is based on an individual’s lifestyle. Even men usually have a healthy lifestyle than women in routine life yet the myth is associated with women. Though men have a higher risk, no one can claim to exempt women from getting heart disease.

  • Visit Gynecologist for pregnancy

Another myth that revolves in American society is that gynaecologists are only meant for pregnancy-related issues or childbirth. Every adult girl needs a gynaecologist for her genital health and there is no age restriction even for older women. Studies have shown that women visiting gynaecologists as early as the age of 18, may have better health in successive years of life either married or not.

  • Wearing Bras and Breast Cancer

Some also believe in a false myth that wearing Bras can cause breast cancer. Bras are no reason to cause breast cancer. It is a regular checkup and not fear of wearing a bra that can minimize your doubts about getting breast cancer.

  • Vaccination against diseases in pregnant women.

It is also considered that vaccination against any disease, especially flu can cause complications for a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman suffers the most from such kinds of wrong practices. Modern researches negate this concept and recommend that vaccination is vital for a pregnant woman as well as her child if recommended by a proper physician.

  • Chances of pregnancy with certain foods

We also find a general thought in society that eating fruit and vegetables in a balanced manner can increase the chances of pregnancy. Though eating such a balanced diet is beneficial for the overall health of women but there is nothing sure that it can help to get pregnant. The direct cause of the pregnancy does not necessarily include the intake of a plant-based diet.

National Women’s Health week

In the USA, the week after Mother’s Day from 9th to 15th May recalls the week of women’s health. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the best way to celebrate this week is to take care of women’s mental health first. Mental health describes the overall well-being of the body. Let’s get rid of anxiety and depression by connecting to the community and have some busy activities.

How can we celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day?

There are various activities to celebrate women’s health and fitness in a memorable and cherishing manner. Here are a few recommendations to do so:

Host an Event

The Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) nationally organizes this day. It would become more entertaining and charming if we organize it at a local level for our women. We can engage the local community and ask them to gather for the event. Talk about the inevitability of health and do some easy, funny but fitness-seeking exercises.

Figure out a new fitness activity

The era we live in is the age of innovation. If one keeps on doing the same activity in a regular fashion, interest in the task fades away. The same is the case with women performing fitness activities. On this day, make sure that you have included a new method in your to-do list for getting fit. This will help in achieving your fitness goals.

Think about the mental health

A healthy mind is the part and parcel of a healthy body. Women’s emotional, psychological and social health is as important as their physical well-being. The USA records 981 suicide cases annually. These figures alarm us as so many people submit to mental illness every year. This day is to make a promise in helping such people, especially women to drag them out of the trauma.

Start Eating Healthy

America ranks the top country in the world that eats fast food items while 38% of women over twenty in the USA are obese. Hence, this day encourages taking a rest from junk food and start eating a healthy meal. Fitness-oriented girls can recall their diet plan on this day.


  • Make a fitness challenge trend over social media and engage the women to fulfil the cores of fitness challenges.
  • Support the women in the pursuit of fitness and health they are in.
  • Participate in the meditation group.
  • Attend a stress-releasing seminar or webinar.
  • Perform some chair exercises.
  • Go out for a distance walk or cycling.
  • Arrange a get-together with your family and play a game that requires physical activity.
  • Organize a football match for young girls and old women.
  • If you want to relax, do it and take a massage.

Ten Exercises that Women can do at Home:

  1. Single Leg Glute Bridge
  2. Power Push Ups
  3. Cat-Camel Stretch
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Inchworm Stretch
  6.  Double Leg Lift
  7. Squats
  8. Calf Raises
  9. Crunches
  10. Jump Rope

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