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National Parents’ Day 2022

National Parents’ Day 2022 in the USA is approaching on 24 July 2022. Every year, people in the United States of America (USA) celebrate the fourth Sunday of  July as National Parents’ Day. Parents are the first builders of our lives and their sacrifices can never be undermined. On parents’ day, people regard the instrumental role of their parents. They thank them for what they are today.

National Parents Day USA

National Parents’ Day Celebrations

National Parents Day celebrations blossom every year on the fourth Sunday of July. Some people have already planned the ways how they would celebrate Parents’ Day whereas others are fetching ideas to celebrate this day. Here are the awesome ways you can celebrate this day.

  • Wish them Soon After they Wake Up on Parents’ Day

It would be a beautifully wonderful start of the day if you greet your parents with a smiling face and flowers in your hands. Hug them one by one with passion and make them feel how happy you are because of them. Wish them the day and express your love for them. Then, reveal your plan before them that how you are going to celebrate the day; and if you want to keep it a surprise, choose the best strategy to make your parents happy. If you have only one parent with you, do the same thing to make him/her happy. And if no one of them is alive, remember them and their sacrifices for you.

  • Go on a Picnic with them

A picnic is a good idea to make your parents happy; therefore, postpone all your other plans and designate this day to have a family picnic with your parents. Cook food, have a gossip and watch a movie if they are tired.

Parents’ Day Celebrations in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to celebrate parents’ day at home in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has brought the greatest chaos of the century to the world. Everyone in the world is fed up with being locked into the home. If they throw you lemons, make lemonade. There is a blessing in disguise that you found time for the family due to the pandemic. You can celebrate Parents’ Day at home and here you can know the ways.

  • Cook a meal Together

Don’t ask your parents to cook a meal for you rather ask them about their favorite recipe and tell them that you are going to cook this for them. When you start, ask your mother or father to monitor your cooking and bring any of them to the kitchen if they feel happy to join you. Don’t push for anything. It is a good idea to share your childhood memories while preparing food.

parents day celebrations

  • Have a Gossip after Dinner!

Since you have a lot of time to offer your family due to the pandemic, you can take your father or your mother to the balcony or the walking courtyard of your house and share your journey of life with him/her. You start the gossip by showing compassion and the rest will be on them, I guarantee you that they will have a lot to share with you; just listen to them with love and care. If you are young and your parents are in their 40s or 50s, you can find a solution to many of your dilemmas and worries by having a gossip with them.

Some more activities

National Parents Day celebrations

  • Chores are a good idea to surprise your parents,
  • If your parents have a hobby, join them on this day,
  • Prepare a Wishing Card and Write it by yourself,
  • Decorate their room with flowers,
  • If they are at Old Age Home, just bring them back and make their day,
  • Buy something that you can purchase easily and it can make them extraordinarily happy,
  • Get your siblings together so that your parents would be overwhelmed with happiness after seeing you all together.
  • Become a part of Social Media hashtag trends i.e. #Parents’ Day to spread awareness about the importance of parents in our life.

National Parents Day Speech

Francis Bacon once said, “the joys of parents are the secret; so are their griefs and fears”. The idea that Bacon presents in his time is his own way of representing parental affection. However, he is confined with his logic that the gratitude of parental affection cannot be overturned or denied nor it can be compensated or remitted. Among the many joys that children carry for parents, one is posterity and according to Bacon, it is the only thing that keeps their memory alive. He is further of the view that the affection expressed by the parents i.e. father and mother differs in acuteness as well as in attention as he says, “A wise son rejoices the father, but an ungracious son shames the mother”. Keeping Bacon’s metaphysical ideas in view, one can profoundly determine how philosophy defines parental dedications.

Philosophy, as it is only one discipline, cannot solely and wholly cover the magnitude of blessings that parents carry with themselves. Other disciplines like psychology, mythology and even the holy scriptures define parental acceptance and worth as mandatory religious and moral obligations. Being a father or a mother is considered an active social work in psychology as a man can better add to the services of human social life while being a parent.

Similarly, Greek mythology calls God the father of the universe. Holy scriptures, as they are a step ahead towards human habit formation and spirituality, recognize the relationship of parent-hood as a witness of love and devotion and determine it a continuous cycle that involves every individual. Jesus Christ according to the Holy Bible was the first and miraculously cradled baby who justified the sacredness of his mother. Correspondingly, parents’ disobedience stands first among the sins of omission described in the Holy Quran. The reference to all these disciplines shows the importance of parental relationships.

Now, apart from any literal or scholastic idea, the general perception about the sacredness and joy of being a parent or having them is a pleasurable benevolence. At the onset of this if the sacrifices and affections are included the bond of this affiliation becomes so firm and rigid that it cannot be measured and detached. That’s why Francis Bacon very well calls these joys a secret that cannot be designated. Similarly, if I try to describe it symbolically; no doubt, a father is a symbol of responsibility and a mother of affection.

Last but not the least, there may be certain terms now-a-days that try to discredit such an amusing attachment (parent-child relationship) and stab to create disharmony. For example, generation gap, lack of modern scientific knowledge, innovative psychological development and discouragement of strictness from parents towards their children by calling them unlawful and illegal are the terms that have unspecified the charm and chaste of parental inhabitance.

For this Bacon says that parents should not be illiberal towards their children but rather they should be authoritative and should provide easy access for their children towards their purses. But among all such peculiarities, the relationship should not be injured by the hurdles restrained by a materialistic environment. Mother the symbol of affection is itself a tribute as virtue itself is a reward. Wherever loyalty, allegiance and devotion exist the occurrence of a mother can be stroked. For this reason, William Wordsworth calls nature, a mother as it is affectionate, beautiful and compassionate. Nationalists call their homeland a mother while the birthplace of an individual is prosaically called a motherland. In short, the word mother itself is an art of the divine that needs no institution to flourish as Wordsworth overwhelmingly says,

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”

Hence, to cut the long story short it may be momentarily said that parents in the form of father or mother are the gratitude of life span which deliver a way to look into the etymology of any relationship.

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National Parents Day Dates in the USA

National Parents' Day201928 JulySundayNational Observance
National Parents' Day202026 JulySundayNational Observance
National Parents' Day202125 JulySundayNational Observance
National Parents' Day202224 JulySundayNational Observance
National Parents' Day202323 JulySundayNational Observance
National Parents' Day202428 JulySundayNational Observance
National Parents' Day202527 JulySundayNational Observance

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