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National Senior Citizen Day 2022

August 21, 2022, Sunday, is the National Senior Citizen Appreciation Day in America. Designate this to spread awareness about the importance of older persons in society.

Why We Celebrate this Day?

We celebrate this day to let senior citizens know how society appreciates them and cares about them. The 40th President of the USA, Ronald Reagan declared this day to raise awareness about the issues that affect the lives of senior citizens. By celebrating the day, we try to regard the accomplishments of these people and welcome their inclusion in modern society.

Theme of Senior Citizen Day, 2022

“Digital Equity for All Ages” is the theme of this year’s Senior Citizen Day. This theme explains the technological connection between a younger and older age. It also stresses upon equal digital opportunities for the marginalized old people who live a lonely life in the later part of their lives.

Purpose of Choosing This Year’s Theme

A statistical survey by the Pew Research Center declared that American old-age citizens have historically been late adopters of technology (www.pewresearch.org). The era we are living today is the age of digitization. Every individual especially the youth is associated with digital entities and society has turned into a global village founded upon digitalization.

A report published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), stated that an estimated number of 4.9 Billion people (63% of the world’s population) are connected to internet. The percentage of young adults using technology remained at 85%, compared to 49% of older adults.

These aged persons of society seem less oriented towards digitalization due to various factors. Lack of interest, unequal opportunities and public behavior & perceptions are some of the issues that kept the old people away from technology. Therefore, 2022’s theme of the day is quite appropriate to address these issues and to provide equal opportunities to all ages especially the old people, in the digital world.

Ways to Celebrate Senior Citizen Day

There are various helpful ways to appreciate the old people in society. Some of the ways to celebrate this day are as under:

  • Admire their Efforts

The senior persons are those who have sacrificed their today for our tomorrow. This day is to admire and appreciate all such sacrifices offered by our grand people. Appreciate those efforts by remembering them on this day.

  • Spend Time with Them

Ripe old age is the age of loneliness and agitation. Nothing passes like a New York minute and loneliness creates a sense of depravity in the old people. Spending time with the senior citizens will help getting away with the isolation.

  • Meet and Greet

Spend this day like you spend a day of great happiness. Make your Grand people feel that this day is meant for them. The energy and emotions should depict that there is something special for them today. Never call them elderly but say them experienced instead. This gesture will not only reduce the generation gap but will also encourage and motivate them.

  • Visiting and Picnic

All we can do on this day is visiting our elder ones and go to some local area for a picnic. Make a get-together and play some fun games. Senior persons of society can have the blessings of their life on this day while mixing up with younger guys.

  • Going to Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are places where old people live alone without families. One of the finest ways to celebrate Senior Citizens Day is going to the old lads living in Nursing Homes. National Institute of Health, America states that about 4.5 percent (1.5 million) of older adults live in nursing homes while some 2 percent (1 million) in other living facilities. The real essence of this day’s celebration is when this 6.5% of people are also included in our happiness. Let them know that you have the heart that beats for them.

Remember the Aftermaths of Pandemic Covid-19

The Common Wealth Fund revealed that old age is a risk factor for getting severely ill with Pandemic Covid-19. Apart, it has also left some serious effects on old adults’ psychological and economic security. Similarly, many of them kicked the bucket during Pandemic Crisis and joined the Majority. Keeping in mind, this day has thus gained importance. Society should behave more responsibly and affectionately towards our lads now. Therefore, try to engage yourselves with senior citizens by being the part and parcel of their emotions.


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