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World Environment Day 2022

world environment day 2021

World Environment Day 2022 celebrations are on Sunday, 5 June 2022. Millions of people around the world would take part in celebrations which would aim to spread awareness about the importance of Nature. These celebrations focus on the importance of the Natural Environment in our lives. It is the United Nations flagship day for promoting worldwide awareness and action for the environment.

World Environment Day Theme 2022

Every year, world environment day is celebrated with a special theme.

Theme of this year’s global observance of Environment Day 2022 is

“Only One Earth”.

In the universe among billions of galaxies and planets only one earth exists, so we have to take care of it.

This theme reflects that we have to rehabilitate our environment and restore our ecosystem to its actual position. For this purpose, United Nations has already dedicated this decade (2021-2030) to the survival of our environment. Urbanization, Industrialization and many other human actions have brought our forests plants at the brink of extinction. According to a report of the United Nations, we are losing almost 4.7 million hectares of forests (an area larger than Denmark) every year. Our ecosystem is responsible for the restoration of the life cycle but pollution and industrial wastes have damaged it badly. Therefore, this year’s theme instigates us to restore our ecosystem before it is too late. We have to resolute that no further human action should deprive our ecosystem (wild & water life, trees and landscape) of its natural charm. Global pandemic Covid-19 also made us understand that how trees as a source of oxygen, are important in the ecosystem.

Similarly, the importance of fresh-water resources and the worth of under-water life cannot be neglected. UN’s report also states that nearly 80% of the world’s waste-water is discharged into our oceans and rivers without any treatment. Maltreatment of landscape has also destroyed our wildlife. Hence for our safe future, it is our obligation not to let our actions destruct the ecosystem. Restoration now will secure the future of upcoming generations as well.

All the world countries including the USA, UK, China, Australia, Pakistan, India, etc. will follow this theme of world environment day to save the ecosystem.

UN Resolution on World Environment Day

The UN resolution A/RES/2994 (XXVII) was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 15 December 1972 that declares 5 June as a World Environment Day. This resolution was adopted in the 12th plenary meeting session of the United Nations Organization on 15 December 1972. This reaffirms the responsibility “of the international community to take action to preserve and enhance the environment”. Moreover, the resolution recalls the previous resolutions 2398 (XXIII) of December 1968, 2581 (XXIV) of 15 December 1969, 2657 (XVV) of 7 December 1970, 2849 (XXVI), and 2850 (XXVI) of 20 December 1971. Finally, this resolution designates 5 June as a World Environment Day. The purpose of this resolution is to declare that environment is instrumental to our survival. The resolution also highlights that this most important asset is at stake. Thus, this resolution obliges the global community to stand together and cooperate with one another to take necessary measures to protect and preserve our natural environment.

 World Environment Day Celebrations and Activities

world environment day celebrations

Common people of the whole world have a moral duty to celebrate environment day practically. They should take measures on an individual level to protect the environment. On world environment day, people take part in different activities to celebrate the day. You are suggested to do the following things on 5 June to commemorate World Environment Day.

  • Start your day by updating your social media status about World Environment Day. You can share motivational quotes about the day or the importance of the environment on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or whichever app you use.
  • Plant at least 5-10 trees and share the photos on your social media apps. You can plant more than 10 trees, don’t mind the number.
  • Check if there is any public awareness rally or conference about the environment and join it if you can.
  • Make certain promises with you that you would never do anything harmful to Nature. You would not tolerate if anyone is doing such an act.
  • Follow and promote Social Media hashtag trends like #WorldEnvironmentDay.
  • Check if your country is taking enough measures to protect nature and question the ruling authorities if they are showing negligence.
  • Read research articles about Environment status and share useful information with your friends and family.

World Environment Day Speech / Essay

Humankind has faced many losses on the face of earth however the loss that we are going to face rather we are facing already is perhaps the greatest of all: the loss of Nature. Humankind has evolved in the lap of nature and today’s man is the grown-up man. Fortunately, this so-called grown-up man and civilized child of Nature have started killing his own mother Nature. After the world moved towards the 2nd and the 3rd phases of industrial revolutions, the entity that faced the loss at most was Nature. We are killing nature by different means like extracting minerals, oil, and gas from the Earth and by cutting trees on the land. Many places in the world that were once covered with greenery are now turned into concrete buildings.

Nuclear explosions have dissolved many mighty hills which were once playing the role of land-pillars. A lot of mountains have become hollow cylinders after we extracted minerals, salt, and coals from them. Consequently, the Earth is feeling fragile and it is unable to lift the burden of a rapidly increasing number of human races. This is not the whole story; the ozone layer which was once considered the Earth Shield against Solar radiations has surrendered before the CO2 that is coming from industries. Additionally, the air that is instrumental for our life has been polluted with smoke coming from vehicles, and industries. Moreover, seawater has been contaminated with plastic and it is unable to help marine life in surviving. In a nutshell, the modern man has raped Nature and it seems that Nature is “striking back” in the words of António Guterres.

Nature looks angry as suggests the challenges that have haunted the modern man. South Asian country Maldives is drowning and it has lost dry land. Many bushfire incidents in different parts of the Earth stirred the whole world. The latest incident took place in Australia when a bushfire haunted the World Media by covering an area of 46,050,750 acres and staying for around 9 months from June 2019 to February 2020. It claimed the lives of more than 450 people and thousands of wild animals. Floods and irregular rains have become common in this century as they surely bring destruction, scarcity, and hunger. In short, Humankind has already started cutting what it sowed: mass destruction.

The United Nations Organization designated World Environment Day in 1972 to spread awareness that we need to protect our environment from more destruction. Because we have only one planet to live on and our survival is adjoined to the survival of our Natural Environment.

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