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World 8 Billion Day 2022

Date of the event

World 8 Billion Day is on 15th November 2022 because the population of the world, which is currently 7.837 billion, is likely to reach 8 billion on this date of 15 November 2022. On the 31st of October, 2011 planet earth was having 7 billion people globally but the world’s annual population growth rate is increasing rapidly making it currently 1.05%.

Theme of World 8 Billion Day, 2022 

“Celebrate diversity and advancement while considering humanity’s shared responsibility for the planet” is the most relevant theme of the world Eight Billion Day, 2022. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has opined that though our world as compared to the past, is more innovated and developed yet huge responsibility rests with humanity to foresee the challenges the earth may suffer due to overpopulation. Human beings have faced an under-privileged time in this universe and it waited too long for an improvised lifespan. Now as we have achieved this milestone, it is time to celebrate this milestone, but we should not forget our collaborative duty of protecting this world.

Importance of the Day

This universal day is a vital opportunity to recognize the rights of all genders. For achieving sustainable development, gender equality and reproductive health are essential. The Population of the world will hit eight billion on November 15 and will keep this Billion figure till 2030. Scientists believe that the earth can carry up to ten billion people and there are chances of disaster if the 10 billion digit also exceeds in the near future. Therefore, this event is the time to start a campaign raising awareness about population issues and instigating world leaders to reconsider their policies on future planning.

How to celebrate World 8 Billion Day 

  1. The celebration gives us happiness and the opportunity to spend time with our beloved ones.
  2. Celebration of the world population gives us a great message to recognize our common humanity and diversity.
  3. We may also inaugurate environmental projects for the public on this day to further strengthen the life span of our people.
  4. On national and regional levels, fund-raising may be organized for family planning programs.
  5. Governments can introduce various initiatives to reduce child mortality with the help of health improvement.
  6. On this day, raise awareness for the legal marriage age which is 18 years.

Why are we celebrating 8 Billion Day?

The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the rising issues because of rapid and unprecedented population growth. The day urges us to protect natural resources and make sure that every individual is benefitting from those organic reserves. It also discloses the fact that human life span has increased many folds during the recent era after the improved health, medicine, nutrition, and hygienic facilities/precautions. This day also celebrates the advancements in a health system that reduced child mortality and has extended life proportion. In developed countries, the population also has the benefit of enhanced production and higher tax revenue.

But with all this, we should know that a quick population growth rate will give rise to many issues like hunger and poverty.  Hence, this event will not only rejoice in our improved lifespan but will also raise eyebrows over the looming 8 billion figure of the universal population.

Interesting Facts about the Day

United Nations established world population day in 1989 to focus on the importance of population issues. Earlier, we observed this day as world population day on the 11th of July as the world population had reached 5 billion on this date in the year 1987. The day was then celebrated to aware people of the disadvantages of overpopulation. The current Population of the earth is approximately 7.837 billion, and according to modern research in the United States, on November 15, 2022, the Population of our planet will be 8 billion.

Quotes for World 8 Billion Day

Famous sayings are helpful for people to understand the philosophy of World 8 Billion Day.   Here are some prominent quotations that may be very relevant to the day

  • “Population growth comes down with improving health and empowering the women” (Bill gates).
  • Jacques Cousteau says that “Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today”.
  • For the preservation of regional water sources Collen Castille is of the view that “Overpopulation disrespect the management district water boundaries”
  • “It is unbelievable that human population continues to expand at a scary rate” (Bindi Irwin).
  • The environment may also suffer because of overpopulation as Jacques Cousteau maintains that “Primary source of environmental damage is the population growth”.
  • “There is peace if the family is small; they can share little things” Phillip.

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