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World Wildlife Day 2022

World Wild Life Day
World Wildlife Day 2022 celebrations are on Thursday, March 3 for the current year 2022.
Wildlife Day is observed every year on the 3rd of March. This year it would be the tenth(10th) time when the International Day of Wildlife would be celebrated and observed universally.

Theme of World Wildlife Day 2022

The theme of World Wildlife Day for the current year 2022 has been devised as “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”
Which draws attention to conserving the species of animals and plants that are directly or indirectly endangered. This means to include all living beings on earth apart from human beings, to be given a right to live and exist independently. Hence the theme for the year 2022 is a more improvised form of the UN’s approach towards the prior environment.

World Wildlife Day Logo

World Wild Life Day Logo
The logo of World Wildlife Day is the sketch of earth surrounded by plants and wild animals.

What is Wildlife?

When the word wildlife itself is examined, it seems to include those animals or living beings that live in forests and in solitude whereas, forests or jungles are their more preferable habitat.

what is wild life

Likewise, the wild expresses the object having insane or over-reactive nature. But it is necessarily not so, commutatively all the living beings that are inanimate or inhuman can be included in the catalogue of wildlife come what may their habitat is i.e, under-water, on earth, etc. United Nations has, therefore, improvised its theme and has encompassed living things on the planet Earth to be called as Wildlife.,


The basic purpose of World Wildlife Day is to let the people acknowledge the benefits that wildlife carries with it for the betterment of the environment and climate. The survival of “Flora and Fauna” (plants and animals) and Marine Species is consequently important for trade and a balanced eco-system.

Significance of World Wild Life Day

This Day also signifies the sense of beauty that we can feel and observe in the form of flora and fauna around us. Through International Wildlife Day, awareness can be spread to discourage human activities that harm wildlife and may cause their extinction. Natural resources are the natural benefits that each individual can enjoy without any discrimination or fear of exploitation. This day is thus a gesture to overhaul our natural resources and by careful possession, we can not only entertain ourselves but also secure them for generations ahead. Climate change; a major concern and a burning issue now-a-days, is a result of major harm that human beings have devastated to nature and in turn, are suffering from the loss of climatic equilibrium and failure of organic commodities.

Word Wildlife Day Observance Dates

World Wildlife Day2019SundayMarch, 3United Nations (UN) Observance
World Wildlife Day2020TuesdayMarch, 3United Nations (UN) Observance
World Wildlife Day2021WednesdayMarch, 3United Nations (UN) Observance
World Wildlife Day2022ThursdayMarch, 3United Nations (UN) Observance
World Wildlife Day2023FridayMarch, 3United Nations (UN) Observance
World Wildlife Day2024SundayMarch, 3United Nations (UN) Observance

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