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Labour Day in Pakistan 2021

labour day in pakistan

Labour Day in Pakistan in 2021 is on 1st May 2021. Labour Day or Worker’s Day in Pakistan is celebrated every year on the 1st of May to pay a tribute to martyrs of Chicago. Chicago was an industrial city in America and on May 4, 1886, Chicago workers sacrificed their lives for workers’ rights and 8 hours work-day. You can read the history of labour day here

Labourers have a vital role in the development of Pakistan. A large number of people in Pakistan is farmer, factory worker, mine worker and construction worker. Most of them are unaware of their rights. Owners or land-lords do injustice in their wages. Particularly in coal mines, they have to work with less safety equipment which causes their deaths. Despite the world, eight-hour work shift many labourers have to end up their work in 12 to 16 hours without extra financial benefits. The health facilities are also insufficient in many cases. A Pakistani labourer is suffering from all these malpractices which is an alarming situation for the government and institutions. Labour laws must be upgraded and implemented to abolish these injustices.

Labour Day is observed to raise awareness in labourers about their rights. So they can raise voice for their rights and benefits.

Is Labour Day a holiday in Pakistan?

Labour Day is an official and public holiday in Pakistan.

In 1972, the first labour policy in Pakistan established labour day as an official holiday and this policy provided protection to industrial workers by establishing social security system, old age benefit and pension system as well.

All the Government offices, private offices, banks, factories, schools, universities and all educational institutes remain close on labour day.

Celebrations of Labour Day in Pakistan

labour day in Pakistan is a public holiday. All the labour unions held processions and marches to pay a tribute to Chicago martyrs. Union and workers leaders deliver speeches for their rights.

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