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World Tuberculosis Day 2022, World TB Day

World Tuberculosis Day 2021

World Tuberculosis Day 2022 date is Thursday, 24 March 2022. Description of World Tuberculosis Day (World TB Day) March 24 is observed as the World Tuberculosis Day by the global community under the leadership of the United Nations Organization (UNO) and its instrumental institution World Health Organization that has been …

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World Water Day 2022

World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2022 is on Tuesday, 22 March 2022. This special day is observed every year on the 22nd of March. In the current year, we are again going to recall the importance of fresh water on Sunday, 22nd March 2022. Introduction One thing that is the part and …

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World Meteorological Day 2022

World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day 2022 is on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. This special day is observed on every 23rd March for the commemoration of the date in 1950 when the Convention which established the World Meteorological Organization came into force. This year too the celebrations of World Meteorological Day are on …

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World Down Syndrome Day 2022

World Down Day images

World Down Syndrome Day 2022 (WDSD) celebrations date is Monday, 21st March 2022. This special day is celebrated every year on the 21st of March since 2011 with a specific theme. This year it would be the 11th time to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and stand with the people …

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International Day of Forests 2022

international forest day

Everything we come across in our daily life has a direct or indirect connection with the forests, the desperation has been increasing day by day and with the passage of time, a day has been suggested to make the people concerned and careful about the insecurity of life without forests. …

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International Day of Nowruz 2022

International Day of Nowruz images

International Day of Nowruz 2022 celebrations are on Monday, 21st March 2022. United Nations declared the 21st March of every year as International Nowruz Day in 2010. The basic theme of Nowruz Day is to promote values of peace, friendships, solidarity, brotherhood and harmony among people and communities. What is …

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International Day of Happiness 2022

International Day of Happiness 2021

International Day of Happiness 2022 celebrations are on Sunday, March 20, 2022. Why International Day of Happiness is Observed? According to UN resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012, the UN has designated 20th March as an International Day of Happiness. The observance of this special day takes place every year …

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Women’s Day Speech / Essay, Speech on Women’s Rights

women's rights speech

On this International Women’s Day, when we talk about women’s rights, we must determine what it means. Human beings struggle for rights and all the privileges that they must attain in order to facilitate themselves in society or the community where they live. These accommodations are self-created and self-abiding as …

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International Women’s Day History

International Women's Day 2020

International Women’s Day is on Thursday, 8 March 2022. International Women’s Day Theme 2022 (IWD 2022 Theme)  International Women’s Day 2022 Theme is – “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” The year 2022 is critical to achieving gender equality in the context of climate change, and to reducing environmental …

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